NEW GAME!! Episode 8: Moe Moe Kyun

In the previous episode of NEW GAME!!, Eagle Jump got some new employees. Let’s see how they manage to get on in the eighth episode.The episode kicks off with Aoba, Hajime and Yun discussing plans for a welcoming party. Whilst they do that, Rin leaves Hifumi to show Momiji around Eagle Jump.
Shizuku joins the discussion about the welcoming party, and wastes no time in suggesting a maid café.


Shizuku manages to get Yun, Aoba and Hajime to dress as maids

After getting Aoba and the others to change their clothes, Shizuku decides they should do some roleplaying. She’ll be a customer, whilst the girls will be maids working at a maid café.


I guess we owe thanks to Shizuku for this

Moe moe kyun.jpg

Moe moe kyun~

Shizuku assigns specific character types for Aoba and Yun to play. She is content for Hajime to just stand there, though. The reason for that? Hajime’s assets, as it were.

Smug Hajime.jpg

Smug Hajime is also good

Whilst that is going on, Hifumi continues to show Momiji around. They stumble upon the maids in the cafeteria, and are invited to join as well.

I want nothing to do with that.jpg

Hifumi has no intention of putting up with up with Shizuku’s crap

Wow, who knew Hifumi was capable of expressions like that? I think I got the shivers myself from that.
Shizuku isn’t done yet, and invites Momiji to become a maid. Aoba and the others insist she doesn’t have to, but Momiji is the type that doesn’t want to lose to Aoba.

Maid Momiji

Maid Momiji with cat ears – a deadly combination for Shizuku

Before Shizuku can overdose on moe, someone arrives to put an end to her games. Can you guess who?

Shizuku and Umiko.jpg

Umiko drags Shizuku away after this

Having achieved nothing from that little distraction, Aoba, Yun and Hajime then go to Ko for help planning the welcome party. Ko makes a quick and easy decision about where they’ll be going.


Narumi gets along well with Nene and Umiko

The programming team get along like a house on fire, but things aren’t quite the same for the character team.

Character team.jpg

Things are little awkward between the character team

The character team’s conversation soon turns to how they address each other – the girls insist that Momiji refers to them by their first names. She does so, though she calls Hifumi ‘Leader Hifumi’.
We also discover the reason why Hifumi uses ‘-chan’ when referring to both Ko and Rin.

Momiji's rice ball

Momiji is a big eater

During lunchtime, Aoba, Hajime and Yun head off to the cafeteria to buy some food. Since Momiji bought her own with her, she stays at her desk.
In the cafeteria, Aoba talks to Ko about having trouble connecting with Momiji. Ko remarks that it must be love.


If Momiji were in love with Aoba, Aoba feels that accepting or turning her down would be a simple decision

Shizuku soon joins the conversation, and says that Momiji is just like Ko was when she first started. Of course, the first thing Aoba thinks is that means Momiji will end up going around in her underwear…

Hifumi and Momiji

Hifumi checks on Momiji

Hifumi checks up on Momiji, and ends up showing her pictures of Sojiro – her pet hedgehog. When Rin returns and tells Hifumi she’s a good leader, Momiji realises that Hifumi was being considerate of her.
Come lunchtime on the next day, the character teams bring in their own lunches. Momiji, meanwhile, intended to buy something from the cafeteria.
Later on, Momiji tells Aoba she doesn’t intend to lose. To Momiji’s surprise, Aoba says the exact same thing.

After having seen this episode, I feel safe in saying that Momiji has fit right in with the other employees of Eagle Jump. Having a rival could be a very good thing for Aoba – someone who will push her to do her best.
The idea of Momiji being in love with Aoba was just a joke from Ko, and besides, we all know that Hifumi is the only one for Aoba. Or maybe Nene, if you prefer that.

It’s fortunate Umiko is there to keep Shizuku under control. I dread to think how things would turn out if Umiko wasn’t there…
I personally find Shizuku’s obsession amusing, but I could see how it might be too much for some. Not that I’ve stumbled across anyone who’s said that, but I’m sure there are people out there who would agree.

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to those who have been following along with my NEW GAME!! posts, but I enjoyed this episode as well. I like how Momiji’s place within the cast was established, and we got some extra nice moe moments as well.

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1 Response to NEW GAME!! Episode 8: Moe Moe Kyun

  1. OG-Man says:

    Fans of maids had a field day this episode.

    That nod to the legend was a welcome surprise. Was told by someone that Yoko Hikasa voices both the legend and a certain someone who loves sleeping in panties.

    Momo so far seems to be a fetish character. Sure she has a good character but otherwise she’s there to make certain fans squeal. As you said though she does fit. Narumi’s nice.

    Aoba being cool with lesbian relationships was welcome. As some of my peeps said she’s never had any resentment towards yuri.

    Hifumi’s glare was exhilarating.

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