KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 29: So Lonely

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode‘s 29th episode focuses on my favourite member of the cast, Yukari Kotozume. It also brings along more AkiYuka goodness, but how does it compare to the quite frankly brilliant episode 25?
Well, let’s take a look and find out.

Yukari and Akira

Yukari and Akira study English together

We start with Yukari and Akira studying together, with their respective fangirls watching on and admiring the spectacle. They are also being observed by Elisio…

Yukari and Himari.jpg

Himari has come to view Yukari as a big sister

Whilst waiting for Yukari and Akira to get to KiraPati, the girls there pretty much just start gushing about how great Yukari is. They also bring up how cat-like she is.

Cat-like Yukari.jpg

I sure hope you like Yukari, because you’ll be seeing a lot of her in this post

As Yukari and Akira walk to KiraPati, they are stopped several times by people wanting to thank Akira for helping them out. Yukari ends up running off, but Akira catches up to her. Yukari asks Akira how she can be so kind, and Akira replies it’s because there are people out there who aren’t able to do the things they want to do – such as her own sister for example. Yukari ends up running again.

Yukari and Akira again.jpg

Akira can smile because she enjoys being with Yukari

Later on, we see a melancholy Yukari staring out across a pond. Akira soon joins her, and starts skipping stones. She offers one to Yukari, but she refuses. Akira tells Yukari that there’s so much around for her to enjoy.
At that point, Yukari’s grandmother asks Yukari, and the other KiraPati girls, to make some sweets using some matcha. Akira agrees to it on behalf of Yukari.

Yukari and Ciel.jpg

Ciel tells Yukari that each person’s idea of perfect sweets varies

The KiraPati girls intend to make macarons with the matcha, of course. However, Yukari delays that by saying that they won’t be able to make them perfectly. Ciel says the things that make sweets perfect differs from one person to another, and is able to encourage Yukari to make the macarons.


Elisio appears before Yukari

As Yukari goes to deliver the macarons to her grandmother, Elisio appears before her. Of course, Yukari transforms. Once she does that, Elisio takes it as a cue to summon a mirror.

Mirror into soul.jpg

The doorway to Cure Macaron’s soul

Deciding it’s interesting, Cure Macaron freely steps into it. Inside, she discovers multiple pictures of herself as a child. She is also confronted by her younger self.

Young Yukari.jpg

Young Yukari

The young Yukari reveals the darkness that dwells in her own heart, and captures Cure Macaron. She proclaims her hate for all the people laughing and seemingly enjoying life.

Captured Macaron.jpg

Elisio tells Macaron to give in to the darkness

The other Cures arrive, and Cure Chocolat wastes no time when she sees that Macaron is in trouble.

Chocolat attacks.jpg

Chocolat rushes in

Elisio fends her off, and summons the monster of the week.

Monster of the Week.jpg

Monster of the week

Whilst the other Cures fight, Macaron accepts that there is darkness in her heart. However, light resides in there as well. Being with Akira and the others makes Yukari’s world more colourful than before, and she can be happy. Ultimately, Macaron says that she has to make her own enjoyment.

Yukari and Yukari

Macaron and her younger self are one – Macaron accepts that

Macaron is able to break free, and joins the other Cures back in the real world.


Akira catches Yukari

Yukari’s crystal transforms, naturally taking on a cat shape. Of course, there’s still the matter of the monster of the week to deal with. I’m just going to pick out a few highlight of this particular battle.AkiYuka holding hands.jpgAkiYuka3AkiYuka4.jpgAkiYuka5.jpg
After all that, the monster of the week is defeat. The Cures uses their first finishing attack, probably leaving Cure Parfait twiddling her thumbs as she watches on.
Elisio retreats afterwards, and Yukari is able to get the matcha macarons delivered.
We end with the KiraPati girls making cat macarons and enjoying them.


KiraPati girls with cat macarons

That’s it for this episode, and it was a really great episode. Of course, Yukari is my favourite cast member so I’m almost certainly biased towards episodes where she gets the focus.
I absolutely adore the AkiYuka stuff we got from this episode, and I look forward to seeing how that relationship continues to evolve.
I’m quite enjoying the way in which Elisio preys on the Cures’ doubts – by overcoming them, the Cures are gaining character development whilst becoming stronger for it.
I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I loved this episode.

Also, it seems to have become something of a tradition to mention when it’s a Cure’s birthday, and this time around it is Aoi Tategami – or Cure Gelato, if you prefer. 27/08/17 is the date of her birthday – it is around 8:35pm on that date as I type this.

Cure Gelato Birthday

Happy birthday, Cure Gelato

Next time, it will be Akira’s turn for a character-focused episode.

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2 Responses to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 29: So Lonely

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  2. OG-Man says:

    Like you I too greatly enjoyed this episode because, as you know, Yukari is my favorite Baking Ranger, same as you.

    Watching AkiYuka be cute and fighting together is an absolute treat, They look SO GOOD together! Keep it up Toei. You’re doing great.

    At first I thought Elisio was AkiYuka’s archenemy but then I remembered he tried manipulating Aoi as well so it’s not strictly AkiYuka he antagonizes.

    All the meows, oh how I missed them.

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