NEW GAME!! Episode 7: New Hires

Eagle Jump takes on some new colleagues in its seventh episode. One of them is a familiar face, but there’s also a couple of new girls finally making their debut.

Nene interview

Nene arrives for her interview

We start with Aoba and Umiko ready to interview a potential new employee. Aoba is somewhat confused as to why she is there as she doesn’t really know much about programming, but the reason soon becomes clear. She and Umiko will be interviewing Nene.


Much like Aoba, Nene looks great in a suit

I won’t spoil the details of Nene’s interview here, but it is a really good segment. What I took from that scene is that Umiko might just be very fond of Nene.

Shizuku & Christina.jpg

Christina is convinced that character team hates her

Christina is pretty upset over the whole key visual thing that we saw in the previous episode. Though getting Ko to draw the key visuals is getting the results, Christina felt that she handled that situation poorly.
Fortunately, Shizuku has a plan to help Christina get on their good side. She gives her a charm.

Ko, Mozuku and Christina.jpg

Mozuku kept hassling Christina whilst she tried to talk to Ko

Turns out that the charm Shizuku gave Christina has catnip hidden in it. Mozuku pounces from Ko’s arms and ends up knocking Christina to the floor. The whole character team goes to check out the commotion.


Christina doesn’t do so well with physical contact

After that, Christina gets talking to the character team. She reveals that she is half-French, and that she moved over to Japan due to her love of Japanese video games. She also has a sister who works at a French game development company.

Someone's got to move.jpg

New staff means that someone is going to have to move from the cubicle

Next up, Aoba gets excited about becoming a senpai – and unlike earlier on in the season, it is genuinely going to happen this time. However, that means someone is going to have to move from their cubicle to make room for the newbie – Hajime is the prime candidate as she’s not part of the character team. However, Hifumi comes up with a different solution.

Tsubame Narumi and Momiji Mochizuki.jpg

Finally time to meet the new characters: Tsubame Narumi and Momiji Mochizuki

Aoba greets Tsubame and Momiji outside of Eagle Jump and shows them inside. Once inside, they meet Ko Yagami – Momiji happens to be a big fan. In fact, she is able to tell that the designer for PECO aren’t Ko’s – though she does think their dumb. Ko reveals to her that Aoba is the lead character designer, and I suspect that results in Momiji seeing Aoba as a rival.


Momiji convinces herself that Aoba’s surname is ‘Suzumiya’

Momiji is pretty embarrassed when Aoba corrects her, whilst Ko watches on and thinks things will get messy.

We’ll have to wait to see whether that will be the case or not, as the episode ends. We get a new ending theme, which I liked.

Yet another enjoyable episode of NEW GAME!!. Nene’s interview was great, and I’m glad that she is able to start working at Eagle Jump alongside Umiko. Umiko having faith in Nene’s abilities was quite touching, too.
So the new characters have finally been introduced. I like both of them, though I guess we’ll need to wait to see how Tsubame will be as a programmer alongside Umiko and Nene.
I like the way in which Momiji sees Aoba as a rival, though she doesn’t exactly seem to exude confidence. She must also be a pretty dedicated fan of Ko’s to recognise that someone else done the PECO character designs. Calling them dumb might have been a bit much, but she does acknowledge them as being good later on – though is still convinced that they are dumb.
It’ll be interesting to see if things get messy, like Ko expects.

A fairly interesting introduction for Tsubame and Momiji, so I’m pretty keen to see how they’ll fit in with the established characters next time.

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1 Response to NEW GAME!! Episode 7: New Hires

  1. OG-Man says:

    The interview was pure bliss.

    Christina amuses me.

    Tsubame and Momo are interesting new additions. Looking forward to more from them.

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