Symphogear AXZ Episode 7: One Small Life

Symphogear AXZ returns once more. Previously, Saint-Germain revealed what the alchemists goal was. This time around, S.O.N.G. searches for a way to counter the power of Saint-Germain and her allies.

Shirabe & Kirika Ignited

Shirabe and Kirika use the Ignite Module

At the end of the previous episode, Hibiki suggested that Saint-Germain and her allies work together with the Symphogear users. They aren’t having none of that, so combat resumes. Kirika and Shirabe use the Ignite Module, but Prelati is able to quickly put a halt to that.
Hibiki tries talking with Saint-Germain whilst Maria and Chris take on Cagliostro. Maria deflects one of Cagliostro’s attacks, and it goes towards Hibiki and Saint-Germain.

Hibiki saves Cagliostro.jpg

Hibiki pulls Saint-Germain out of harm’s way

After being saved by Hibiki, Saint-Germain calls for a retreat.
After that, S.O.N.G. determines that the alchemists are aiming for the same leylines used by Carol in GX.

Hibiki & Miku.jpg

This episode delivers a great scene between Hibiki and Miku

Miku cooks some food for Hibiki, and we get a glimpse of her past. Before, Miku was only concerned with passing by the others she raced as part of the track and field team. However, she was content to see Hibiki’s back. Because of that, she gave up on track and field and decided to learn the piano for Hibiki’s sake.


Elfnein pushes herself to the point of exhaustion

Elfnein dedicates herself to researching a way for the Symphogear users to counter the alchemists’ Philosopher’s Stone. She pushes herself quite far doing so, even collapsing due to exhaustion. She does happen to stumble upon a document containing some useful information, though.


Adam is less than pleased with the failure to destroy the Symphogear

It seems that the Pavarian Illuminati’s plans are coming closer to fruition, with them moving to preparing an altar as their next stop. We also see that Cagliostro and Prelati are only loyal to Adam – it seems that Tiki is the only one who thinks highly of him.

Fool's Stone.jpg

My reaction to the whole ‘Fool’s Stone’ thing was pretty much the same as Kirika’s

Elfnein has discovered something that may help them to counter the Philosopher’s Stone. Back when Hibiki was merged with Gungnir, she had a scab comprised of waste matter. It seemed insignificant at the time, but now it might just be the key to countering the Philosopher’s Stone. Amusingly, it is dubbed the ‘Fool’s Stone’.

Neptune's Palace archives.jpg

The Fool’s Stone is located in the Neptune’s Palace archives

The Neptune’s Palace archives are in quite a state after Chris visited them back during the event of Symphogear GX. Locating the Fool’s Stone won’t be an easy undertaking, but it is necessary as the Ignite Module isn’t sufficient for fighting against the Philosopher’s Stone.
Whilst the search for the Fool’s Stone is underway, Cagliostro and Prelati attack. Fortunately, Chris, Kirika and Shirabe are present to respond to the threat.

Kirika in action.jpg

Kirika sings her song whilst the action unfolds

Close-range kiss

A ‘close-range kiss’

Cagliostro and Prelati prove to be formidable foes, especially as the Symphogear users can’t rely on the Ignite Module. However, there is one thing that Kirika and Shirabe do have – each other.


Shirabe and Kirika singing in unison makes gives them immense power

We get a duet between Shirabe and Kirika, and together they are able to defeat Prelati. She and Cagliostro retreat after that.

Never let go.jpg

Shirabe and Kirika will never let go of each other’s hands

Chris’s reaction to the shot above is amusing.

Saint-Germain, Adam and Tiki.jpg

Saint-Germain reports to Adam about the progression of the altar ritual

Saint-Germain has hit a snag in her plan: she needs more life energy to power the great central plinth. Adam suggests sacrificing either Cagliostro or Prelati, as their perfect bodies will provide plenty of life energy. He tells Saint-Germain she has to choose: her cause, or her comrades.

That wraps up another episode of Symphogear AXZ, and it won’t come as a great surprise to learn that I loved it. I really liked the callbacks to events from the previous seasons – the Fool’s Stone and Neptune’s Palace archives.
Of course, the highlights for me this time around has to be the scene with Hibiki and Miku, as well as Shirabe and Kirika singing a duet whilst fighting. The yuri is strong in this episode, and I adore it.

Adam’s making it clearer than ever that he really doesn’t think highly of Saint-Germain or her followers. He just casually says one should be sacrificed, and let’s not forget that he almost got the alchemists caught up in his attack earlier on in the series.
The way things are going, working with Hibiki and the others is starting to look like a far better option – whether Saint-Germain will think that as well or not, I couldn’t say.

As we are now more than halfway through this season, I feel pretty confident in saying that Symphogear AXZ might just be the best one out of the lot of them. My opinion could change by the time it ends, but this is Symphogear – I’m pretty confident it’s going to continue delivering episodes that I absolutely adore.


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  1. OG-Man says:

    The HibiMiku flashback and ShiraKiri Unison love were wonderful.

    “Fool’s Stone” is more fitting but as I said I’m sticking with “Baka Stone” because it’s more fun to say.

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