Symphogear AXZ Episode 6: The Wish to Protect Another

Time to catch up with Symphogear AXZ. A quick recap of what happened before: Maria and Elfnein dived into Maria’s subconscious, where Elfnein hopes to find the last piece of the puzzle in her LiNKER research.
Meanwhile, a new type of Alca-Noise surfaced meaning that Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris will be rushing into battle once more.
Now, let’s see how things unfold in the sixth episode of Symphogear AXZ.

Doctor Ver

Maria and Elfnein encounter Dr. Ver in Maria’s subconsciousness

A post-credits scene in the previous episode showed Dr. Ver appearing before Maria and Elfnein. Elfnein hypothesises that he is there as a sort of guide to Airgetlam, Maria’s Symphogear. He’s pretty cryptic about what Maria needs to find.

Hibiki & Tsubasa

Hibiki and Tsubasa launch a joint attack on the Alca-Noise, whilst Chris cleans up the leftovers

Time for some action as Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris fight the Alca-Noise. They have to do so without relying on the Ignite Module, though that doesn’t hold them back. However, the Alca-Noise ends up splitting into three when they attack it, and it continues to divide after that as well.

Inner Cosmos.jpg

Elfnein and Maria discover Maria’s inner cosmos

Maria ends up facing the same fears she had back when she was first introduced in G; not being accepted by the people she reaches out to. Both Elfnein and Maria end up fading.


The battle of attrition starts to take its toll

Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris continue to fight, though all they’re really doing is wearing themselves out against foes who can continuously multiply.

Young Maria & Serena.jpg

Maria’s memories of the FIS facility

Maria revisits her memories of Nastassja. She recalls the fear, but also the sadness that she carried with her as well. Recalling the words of the tomato lady from before, Maria realises that Nastassja pretty much shaped who she is today by being cruel to be kind.

Tempered strength.jpg

Warm and deep caring for others connects people and Symphogear

With that, Elfnein is able to finally complete her LiNKER research. When she returns to the real world, she immediately rushes off.

Alchemists appear.jpg

The alchemists appear before Hibiki and the others

Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris continue to fight. The alchemists appear, and one of the divided Alca-Noise heads off in the direction of Lydian Academy. Of course, Hibiki is worried when she hears that, and it is one specific person she thinks of.


Hibiki wants to protect Miku’s smile – who can blame her?

Chris tells Hibiki to go whilst she and Tsubasa take care of the Alca-Noise. However, Hibiki decides that the time to use the Ignite Module has come. Just as she is about to, reinforcements suddenly arrive.

Shirabe transformed.jpg

Elfnein was able to complete the LiNKER

Kirika and Shirabe join the fray, being able to transform without any ill effects thanks to Elfnein. An Alca-Noise continues to fly straight towards Lydian Academy, but Kirika and Shirabe aren’t the only ones freely able to transform now.

Empress Rebellion.jpg

Maria defends Lydian Academy from the Alca-Noise

The Symphogears are powered by love – Dr. Ver already knew that and said as much back in G, but Elfnein has only just come to that realisation. Sure, it may be incredibly cheesy, but it’s exactly what I would expect from Symphogear and I love it.
Kirika and Shirabe’s fight against the Alca-Noise is so pleasing to watch, especially as they can finally go all out with no ill effects. Cagliostro and Prelati join the fight as well.

Shirabe & Kirika

With the Symphogear powered by love, these two must be absurdly powerful

Kirika and Shirabe launch a combined attack, which Saint-Germain defends against. She tries to shoot Kirika, but bullets are no match for Hibiki’s hand. The alchemists think they have an even fight, but then Tsubasa, Chris and Maria arrive.

Alchemists & Symphogear

The alchemists reveal their goal

Hibiki wants to know what the alchemists are fighting for. They want to crush the curse of Balal, by seizing the Lunar Ruins.

Episode 6 ends there, and all I can say is that is so good having Symphogear back again. This was a great episode to come back to, with all six Symphogear users getting to see some action.
I thought it was fairly interesting how some of the fight against the Alca-Noise was accompanied by more typical background music rather than the more traditional Symphogear user singing her song.
Though saying that, Hibiki and Shirabe’s songs are both great – especially with Shirabe’s song pretty much just being about her love for Kirika.
I love Symphogear pretty much unconditionally at this point, but this episode was a particularly great. Maybe it’s because it took a while for it to get subbed, who knows?

Now I just need to patiently wait for episode 7 to get subbed, and then I’ll be all caught up for this week.


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  1. OG-Man says:

    Two weeks without Symphogear was already agonizing. So glad we can catch with it again. It was dearly missed.

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