Princess Principal Episode 6: Ghost Street

The sixth episode of Princess Principal jumps ahead all the way to case 18, in which Dorothy is reunited with her father. Beatrice also happens to join her, making for a rather interesting pairing.


Chise has a rather direct method for dealing with locks

The episode begins with Beatrice learning how to pick locks. Ange and Chise aren’t exactly the best when it comes to teaching, so it is left to Dorothy to show Beatrice how to do it.

Dorothy meets with 7.jpg

7 briefs Dorothy on her next mission

Dorothy has to retrieve the Kingdom Foreign Officer’s cipher, which has been implanted on a corpse. Through her conversation with 7, we discover that the spy missions that Dorothy most dislikes involve killing and raiding corpses.
Dorothy was chosen for the mission as the Duke of Normandy’s accomplice is someone that she is familiar with.

Dorothy and Beatrice.jpg

Dorothy brings Beatrice along to act as liaison in case something happens

Dorothy and Beatrice travel down Ghost Street, where the morgue is located. For the time being, they’ll be helping out there until they are able to locate the cipher. Of course, the Duke of Normandy’s accomplice is also working there.

Danny McBean.jpg

Danny MacBean, Dorothy’s father

Right after Beatrice makes a comment about Danny being the lowest of the low, she learns that he is actually Dorothy’s father. Also, it seems that Dorothy’s actual name is Daisy, considering that is how her father refers to her.
As Dorothy and Beatrice continue to work at the morgue, it is revealed that Danny owes money to some shady characters.

shady characters.jpg

Danny is convinced he will get the money soon

Dorothy has a go at Danny for using the loss of his hand as an excuse to run away, which does no favours for his temper. When he starts to kick off, Beatrice confronts him.

Danny and Beatrice.jpg

Danny discovers Dorothy’s mechanical voicebox

Dorothy shoves Danny aside, and goes to leave with Beatrice. As they go, Danny breaks down and starts crying.
Dorothy reveals that she was beaten a lot by her father when she was younger, which was why she ran away. Of course, Beatrice had something of a similar circumstance, which was why Dorothy revealed all of that to her.

Ange and Princess.jpg

Ange and Princess don’t want to hide their relationship from the world

Danny's home.jpg

Dorothy takes Danny back to his home and searches the place

Returning to her old home brings back memories for Dorothy. However, she focuses on her mission, and has Beatrice help her search. When Danny wakes up, he reveals that the cipher is in the tooth of a corpse with a cross carved on the palm of its hand.
After Dorothy and Beatrice have gone, those men from earlier arrive and say that they’ll settle Danny’s debt in exchange for his daughter.

Cipher discovered.jpg

Dorothy gives the cipher to Danny after making a copy of it

With the cipher in hand, Danny runs off and tells Dorothy to meet him at the pub on Ghost Street. Whilst Danny meets with Gazelle, Dorothy and Beatrice go to the pub. There, they happen upon the three men from earlier.

Dorothy fights

Suffice to say, Dorothy is livid when she thinks that her father has sold her out

As Dorothy delivers swift justice to the thugs, they reveal that Danny begged them not to touch her.


Gazelle helps Danny put his rubbish life behind him

Unaware of what happened to Danny, Dorothy and Beatrice enjoy drinks in the pub. Beatrice starts singing, much to the merriment of the everyone gathered there.

Waiting for Danny.jpg

Dorothy waits for her dad

That’s it for this episode.

Well, I certainly have mixed thoughts on Danny MacBean. He didn’t exactly give us a good first impression, and it pretty much only went downhill from there. However, he does love his daughter, though his actions weren’t quite enough to redeem him.
However, he’s not the complete monster that Beatrice’s father was.
Princess Principal delivers yet another enjoyable episode, and one in which we learn more about Dorothy. I also liked the way she partnered up with Beatrice for this case – it’s not something I expected to see.
This has been a great series so far, and I only expect that to continue being the case.

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