A Centaur’s Life Episode 6: Hairstyles and Home Life

The sixth episode of A Centaur’s Life features Hime considering getting a haircut, and a glimpse into the home lives of a couple of other characters. A couple of the episodes haven’t really flowed particularly well before this one – will that be the case for this one? Let’s find out.

Sleepy Hime.jpg

Sleepy Hime

We begin with Hime’s morning routine, though she isn’t able to take proper care of her hair before she has to leave for school. Also, have you ever been curious about how a centaur goes to the toilet? I haven’t, but A Centaur’s Life gives us an idea regardless.

On the bog

Never thought I’d post a picture of a centaur sitting on a bog, but here we are regardless..

Apparently Hime doesn’t feel right going to the toilet without her ‘steppy-step’, despite the fact she doesn’t actually need one.
Moving on, Hime arrives at school, and ends up having a conversation with Nozomi and Kyoko about her hair. Hime suggests that Nozomi should grow her hair out.

Nozomi with long hair.jpg

Nozomi with long hair

It doesn’t take long before Suu, Akechi and Michi decide to join the conversation.

Hairstyle meeting.jpg

…and thus begins the meeting to decide Hime’s next hairstyle

They discuss a variety of hairstyles for Hime, though it seems that cutting it short is out of the question for Shino’s sake. Manami joins the conversation, and we learn a little about angel’s halos. They are actually just hair, and it is discriminatory to have them cut off.
During lunch, Hime chats with Nozomi, Kyoko and Suu about eating habits. Suu has adjusted so she can eat the same food as humans, though she is unable to chew.

A diet, huh.jpg

Hime claims to be on a diet, yet is sneaking snacks into school

Manami scolds Hime for sneaking in snacks, but nothing really comes of it. The girls then start talking about Hime’s red hair, which leads to a telling of a story about Hime’s supposed ancestor. It’s fairly interesting, though I won’t go into detail here – watch the episode yourself if you’re curious.

Kyoko playing with Hime's hair.jpg

Kyoko plays with Hime’s hair whilst listening to the story

In the second half of the episode, our focus turns towards Kyoko and her father. Kyoko’s father is a writer. Kyoko seems to handle everything whilst he focuses on writing, leading to her being mistaken for his secretary.

Kyoko and her father.jpg

Kyoko keeps things running whilst her father writes

Whilst that is going on, Kyoko looks out the window and happens to spot Manami wearing a priestess outfit going into the crazy neighbour lady’s house.

Priestess Manami.jpg

Manami performed an exorcism

It seems that Manami has taken up performing exorcisms to earn a little extra cash. Once she returns home, the reason for this becomes a little clearer after she shares some harsh words with her dad.

Mitama family.jpg

Manami with her family

Let’s move on to something a little lighter, shall we? How about more sleepy Hime?

Kimihara family.jpg

Hime only cuddles up to her mum, leaving her dad jealous

Next up, Nozomi at her dojo. A mother compliments Nozomi’s teaching. Her son regularly attends Nozomi’s lesson.


Nozomi is unsure of her future

Finally, we check in on Suu.


Suu appears to be studying fashion

That’s it for this episode, which was all right at best. I did like the story of Hime’s ancestor, and I suppose the hairstyle stuff wasn’t too bad. However, I wouldn’t say that this episode is one of the best – it’s got that disconnect between halves again, though I don’t feel it was as bad as episode 2 was. I don’t know why that is exactly, but it is what it is.
Also, Manami kind of annoyed me with what she said to her father. Perhaps we’re supposed to side with her and feel sympathetic, but they way she came across in that particular scene really didn’t gel well with me. The worst part was when she brought Sue into it.
She could have had a valid point, but due to that scene, my overall estimation of Manami has gone a bit.
I’m glad the episode didn’t end with that, though. It may have only been a few brief scenes, but seeing Hime, Nozomi and Suu after Manami’s conversation with her father was a nice focus on some lighter stuff.

A Centaur’s Life can be particularly enjoyable when it wants to be, but the six episodes I have seen so far have been hit and miss in that regard. It’s about an even split at the moment, so hopefully things can pick up for the second half of the series.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Odd numbered episodes seem the more well received than even numbered ones. I will defend even numbered ones like this because despite them not being as entertaining they do serve a purpose and provide interesting tidbits on both the cast and the world they live in. We have to keep in mind that the setting is as much of a character as the cast.

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