NEW GAME!! Episode 5: Character Team Leader

The fifth episode of NEW GAME!! shows us how well Hifumi is settling into her new role. Discussions are also had about character designs, and Aoba catches up with an old friend.

Yun & Hifumi

Hifumi checks up on Yun

Hifumi checks on Yun and Aoba to see if they are on track to meet their deadline. Aoba admits that she has fallen behind, but Hifumi is fine with giving her an extension. Yun is less upfront about it, though – she says she is on track, but in reality she knows she won’t meet the deadline.

Crying Hifumi.jpg

Yun worries about making Hifumi cry

Aoba and Yun discuss their thoughts on Hifumi being the character team leader. Aoba feels that Hifumi won’t be very strict, and Yun couldn’t imagine her getting angry if it was totally justified. Aoba is able to work out that Yun lied about the deadline, and advises that she should tell Hifumi the truth when she can.


Yun’s not the only one worried about something

Yun tries to stay overnight to meet the deadline, but someone needs to be at home to make breakfast for her younger siblings the next day. Her attempts to get to work early also don’t go so well due to a lost pencil box.
When Yun does get into work, she apologises to Hifumi for lying about the deadline. Hifumi’s pretty cool about it, and even helps Yun out a little bit. However, Yun feels bad for lying, and tells Hifumi to reprimand her.


Hifumi reprimands Yun

Hifumi gets into character, just like when she’s cosplaying. The results are exactly what you see in the screenshot above. It doesn’t take long for Aoba to stumble upon that scene.
Meanwhile, Hajime discusses underwater mechanics with Shizuku. Shizuku suggests she discusses that with Aoba and Yun.


Yun, Aoba and Hajime discuss underwater mechanics

They talk about a variety of different ways that the hero of the game, Peco, could move underwater. A few different aquatic creatures are named, but in the end Hajime settles on the first idea that Aoba comes up with. Peco will have access to a fish form, but as a trade-off be unable to attack.

Aoba's final boss design.jpg

Aoba struggles to come up with a design for the game’s final boss

Hifumi says to Aoba that they’ll need her character designs soon, otherwise the character design team will be stuck doing nothing. Aoba apologises, and requests a bit more time.


Aoba asks Hifumi for some more time

Hifumi has no problem giving Aoba some extra time; perhaps as a result of Aoba’s charm as seen above.
Aoba goes to Ko for some advice, and Ko pretty much tells her that she needs to figure it out on her own. Whilst she’s doing that, Ko will design background characters so the character team actually has something to do.
After that, Rin is able to help Aoba realise that she should get to know the character better.

Shizuku discusses the queen.jpg

Shizuku tells Aoba about the queen’s story

Aoba takes notes as Shizuku shares the details about the queen, and realises that their final boss is just like a child. Shizuku likes the sound of that idea, and suggests making the queen a little girl.

Aoba's final design.jpg

Aoba’s final design

It only took a few days, but Aoba is able to put together a design for the game’s final boss. Ko is able to draw a design in the space of a few moments, which serves as a reminder that Aoba still has a long way to go.

For the final part of this episode, Aoba and Nene catch up with a friend from school: Hotarun.

Hotarun kisses Aoba.jpg

Hotarun studied abroad in France, hence the kissing

Hotarun kisses Nene.jpg

Nene gets the same treatment

When Nene points out that they are kissing whilst naked, Hotarun becomes embarrassed. This, of course, flips a switch within Aoba.

Devil Aoba.jpg

The devilish Aoba eyes up her next victim

Nene grabs Aoba.jpg

Nene gets Aoba before Aoba can get her

The fun soon comes to an end when Hotarun faints from being in the bath for too long. After they take her back to their room, Aoba and Hotarun talk a little. Before long, Nene returns with ice cream for everyone to share.

The episode ends there, and once again it was a most enjoyable experience. I really liked seeing all the different discussions between the characters as they struggled with character designs or other aspects.
Just like always, Hifumi was particularly great in this episode. I’m glad to see that she’s taken to her new role particularly well, and developing beyond the shy lass we saw in the first season. I am curious about what kind of characters she cosplays considering how she got into character.
Aoba and Nene catching up with Hotaru gave us some nice skinship moments, though I guess they weren’t strictly necessary. Me, though, I enjoyed them for what they were. It’s nice to see Aoba interacting with characters from outside of Eagle Jump.

This episode just serves as further evidence that the second season is an improvement on the already very good first season.

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2 Responses to NEW GAME!! Episode 5: Character Team Leader

  1. OG-Man says:

    Hifumi shined brightly once more and showed us some new moves we never saw coming.

    Hotaru’s gonna fit it just fine. hopefully she’ll bless our monitors many more times.

    The discussions were very interesting, both about character design and a bit of life choices.

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