Princess Principal Episode 5: Owie, Owie, Fly Away

The fifth episode of Princess Principal takes us back a bit to case 7, which shows how Chise came to join the team. We knew that we would get Chise’s introduction proper sooner or later, and this episode is exactly that.

Bowing before Princess

Lord Horikawa and his entourage bow before Princess

Lord Horikawa intends to meet with the Queen, and Ange and the other spies are given the mission of protecting him. He is the target of a man known as Todo Jubei, who has a reputation for single-handedly killing one hundred men and sinking a ship unaided. They travel by train to London.


Chise waits for the train

As the train travels to its destination, Chise jumps onto it. Impressively, Ange is able to tell that they’ve picked up another traveller, so she goes out and confronts her on the roof of the train. Dorothy joins her.

Chise vs Dorothy.jpg

Ange and Dorothy end up fighting Chise

The fight comes to an abrupt end when it is revealed that Chise is actually Lord Horikawa’s ally. Since Chise has followed him to Albion, he lets her accompany them to London. Princess also suggests that Chise should become Ange’s buddy.

Ange & Chise.jpg

Ange gives Chise the usual ‘Black Lizard Planet’ line, which she seems to take seriously

The train makes a brief stop at Maidstone Station before resuming its journey. Sure enough, it doesn’t take too long for the enemy to appear following that. Ange and Chise rush over to confront them.

Chise attacks.jpg

Chise cuts her way through the enemy

As Chise and Ange deal with the enemies, Jubei himself makes his way to the carriage where Princess and Lord Horikawa are. Lord Horikawa’s men try to hold him back, but they are easily dispatched.

Jubei attacks Beatrice.jpg

Beatrice’s mechanical ‘enhancements’ end up saving her life

Before Jubei can get to his target, Chise arrives. Chise and Jubei clash swords, and it looks great. The music played in the background makes the fight even better, too.

Chise vs Jubei.jpg

A static screenshot doesn’t do this fight justice, but trust me: it’s a good fight

The fight comes to an end, and we learn a little more about why Chise was so intent on fighting Jubei.


Chise officially joins the team

Chise transfers into Queen’s Mayfair Academy, and officially joins Team White Pigeon.

This episode of Princess Principal was great, of that I have no doubts. Seeing Chise in action was a thrill, and that fight she had against Jubei may just be one of the best fight scenes I have seen this season. Sword fights tend to hold the most appeal for me when it comes to combat, so this episode was a real treat.
There isn’t really much else for me to add. Princess Principal has delivered consistently good episodes, and I imagine that trend will continue.

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1 Response to Princess Principal Episode 5: Owie, Owie, Fly Away

  1. Karandi says:

    I hope the trend continues. The show has been consistently enjoyable and now it feels like it is done with the introductions so I’m really hopeful of what will come next.

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