A Centaur’s Life Episode 5: Fear and Friendship

A new student transfers into Hime’s school in the fifth episode of A Centaur’s Life. This particular student stands out, even amongst the variety of supernatural beings within Hime’s class.
I’ve been looking forward to seeing this character, so let’s see how her introduction goes.


Suu ends up bumping into Kyoko when she bows

The new transfer student is Quetzalcoatl Sassassul, who will later be referred to as Suu – so that’s how I’ll be referring to her from this point forward. Anyway, she is an Antarctican, which almost immediately takes the class’s attention away from their lesson.


Hime looks over to Suu and discovers this sight

Hime ends up fainting after seeing Suu like that. She wakes up in the nurse’s office, where she explains that she is scared of Antarcticans after watching a horror film featuring one when she was younger. I’m not sure why her parents let her watch something like that…
Kyoko suggest that Hime should try watching the film again to overcome her fear.

Reaction to Suu's smile.jpg

Kyoko and Nozomi’s reaction to Suu’s smile

Suu enters the nurse’s office, where she apologises for causing Hime to faint. The reasons for that are explained, and Suu ends up joining them when they go to watch the film.

Reaction to film.jpg

Suu and Hime have identical reactions when watching the film

After the film, Suu explains that the reason she joined the school was to clear up misunderstandings like Hime’s. Hime says that they will happily be her friends, and Suu gives another big old smile. Hime has the same reaction as the first time around…

Suu Q&A.jpg

Manami brings some order to proceedings as the students want to as Suu questions

We get what is effectively a Q & A session with Suu. I won’t go into detail about what was asked and Suu’s answers, but I will say there was some interesting stuff there. We got to learn about various rumours concerning Antarcticans, whilst Suu pretty much just dispelled them. The question of romance also comes up, but that seems to be something that Antarcticans aren’t entirely familiar with.
After that, we see Suu doing some channel surfing. She happens upon a new story about an American research ship being sunk in Antarctic waters.

Suu, Nozomi, Kyoko & Hime.jpg

Hime and her friends bump into Suu when they are out

After the news story about the American research ship, Suu decided she should do something to not draw attention to herself when she was out. As you can see above, she didn’t really succeed. Nozomi reacts to that, and well…


Nozomi’s retort almost causes an incident

Hime ends up inviting Suu to go clothes shopping. She accepts, and we get to see both Suu and Nozomi try on a couple of different outfits.

Girly clothes.jpg

Nozomi tries on some girly clothes


Nozmi and Suu looking rather dapper

The episode ends after the girls go to see a film.

This was definitely an improvement over the previous episode. For a start, there wasn’t that disconnect that was present before – everything that happened in this episode actually flowed well.
That’s probably down to Suu being the focus throughout both halves of the episode. She may have only just been introduced, but I feel that she fits right in with the current cast. I enjoyed the funny moments involving Suu as well – her smile is probably something that Hime won’t forget in a hurry.
I can happily say that I feel Suu’s introductory episode was a good one, and I hope that the rest of A Centaur’s Life can maintain that momentum.

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