NEW GAME!! Episode 4: Magical Girls and Smiles

We return to Eagle Jump once more this week, and the first thing we focus on is certain characters not doing work…
In this episode, we find out whether Eagle Jump’s newest project will actually progress past the prototype stage.


Hajime is eager to get a ticket for the Moon Ranger Final Live

We start with Hajime shut in a bathroom stall, her finger poised over her phone. Tickets to the final Moon Ranger live event go on sale in mere moments, and it seems they are set to sell out almost instantly.

Moon Ranger.jpg

Moon Ranger – a magical girl anime aimed at young girls with an adult following… now where have I heard that before?

Unfortunately, Hajime is unable to get a ticket due to heavy server load. Yun enters the bathroom to hear Hajime lamenting about the tickets being sold out. She scolds her for slacking off work, and the two take their leave.


Hajime and Yun weren’t the only ones in the bathroom

Once Hifumi returns to her desk, she tells Hajime that she overheard her in the bathroom. She then reveals that she was able to secure a ticket to the Moon Ranger event.

Jealous Hajime.jpg

Hajime jealous of Hifumi

Hifumi does offer Hajime her ticket, but Hajime says that it is only fair that she keeps it as she was the one who got it.
During lunchtime, Yun gets a sandwich for Hajime. She also says that she has an adult chaperon ticket for the event. Yun and her younger siblings were going to go with their dad, but he’s not really interested in that so Yun asked if Hajime could go in his stead. He agreed.


Hajime hugs Yun after she invites her to the event

Enjoying the show.jpg

Even Yun gets into the show

After the show, Hajime lets Yun know that she is grateful for being able to go. She also repeats that she loves her, which gets quite an interesting reaction.

Moon Love.jpg

Hifumi ready to enjoy the Moon Ranger event

When Hifumi goes to the event, she happens to bump into a couple of familiar faces. Aoba and Nene also happen to be in the seats right next to hers.
The next day, Aoba, Hajime and Yun discuss the concert.

Hajime and Yun

Hajime is still grateful to Yun for inviting her

Hifumi, Nene and Aoba.jpg

Hifumi had a great time, too

Later on, Hifumi approaches Ko who happens to be singing a jolly little tune with a smile on her face. Ko gets suspicious when she sees Hifumi smiling at her, and ends up resort to instant messaging to figure out what that was all about.

Rin watches on.jpg

Rin watches on as Ko squeezes Hifumi’s cheeks and tells her she’s become more expressive

Rin gets jealous of Ko interacting with Hifumi. Hifumi is able to pick this up, but not Ko. The reason that Ko and Rin’s relationship hasn’t gone anywhere? Ko is too dense to take a hint.
Ko goes on about how great Hifumi’s meat and potatoes were, despite Hifumi suggesting she should ask Rin to make them. After that, Hifumi sends the recipe to Rin.

Hifumi rests.jpg

All that interaction exhausts Hifumi

Hifumi tries to take a nap, but is unable to do so when Umiko starts talking to her.
Aoba has doubts about becoming a character designer, but the rest of the character team are there to support her, and to tell her to have some faith in herself.

New character team leader.jpg

Shizuku calls Ko and Hifumi to the meeting room

Shizuku extends the offer for Hifumi to become character team leader once more, and Hifumi accepts this time. Ko lets her know that the whole team will be supporting her. After that, Shizuku goes to leave the room only to discover an angry Umiko waiting for her…

Shizuku, Yamato and Rin.jpg

The lass in the middle is Yamato, the producer from the publisher

Yamato lets everyone know that the prototype was approved. Eagle Jump’s next goal is to produce an alpha build.

That piece of good news brings this episode to an end, and let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the scene which explicitly refers to Ko and Rin’s relationship. It also helps that it was pretty funny, even if poor Hifumi was exhausted after all that interaction.
Maybe Rin should try to be more direct with her approach if Ko can’t take a hint…

Rin and Ko aren’t the only couple getting the spotlight this time around, though. Hajime hugging Yun was rather sweet, as well as Yun’s reactions to that, and Hajime telling her that she loves her.
I’m really enjoying being a yuri fan this season, no doubts there.

Once again, Hifumi was great in this episode. I still sympathise with her being tired after interacting with people, but at least she’s getting even better with it.
This episode just reaffirms that this second season is an improvement on the first, and I enjoyed that a whole lot.

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1 Response to NEW GAME!! Episode 4: Magical Girls and Smiles

  1. OG-Man says:

    As I’ve told several fans on my blog, the show has evolved from super ships to “lesbians having difficulty confessing to their crushes”, which is a huge step up.

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