Princess Principal Episode 4: This World Isn’t Black and White

The fourth episode of Princess Principal jumps to the ninth case that Ange and her fellow spies have to handle. Their target is a prototype C-ball, not too different from what Ange carries around with her.
Whilst that takes place, the girls also try to come up with a name for their team.

Mission briefing.jpg

Dorothy gets the mission briefing from L

A group of Kingdom Cavorite researchers have developed a prototype C-ball, which becomes the target of this particular mission. Dorothy thinks that more experienced spies should handle it, but L insists that it is her team that should go ahead.


Chise and Beatrice practise tailing Ange

Out of ten attempts to tail Ange, Beatrice has failed all every one. Chise claims a single victory, but that one might not actually count.

Chise's victory.jpg

Chise hit a police officer with the flat of her sword

The girls then start discussing potential team names, before Dorothy joins them. After being informed of their mission, the girls travel to their destination.


The girls dress up to attend an event at their destination

Having Princess in their company pretty much allows the girls a free entry into the event. Ange, Dorothy and Beatrice will infiltrate the underground laboratory, whilst Princess remains behind guarded by Chise.

Dorothy works her magic

Dorothy does her thing when they encounter a lone guard

Whilst the guard is distracted by Dorothy, Ange and Beatrice slip past. Further in, there are more guards. However, a smoke bomb, disguise and Beatrice’s ability to change her voice make quick work of that obstacle.


Beatrice disguised as a guard


No wonder Beatrice looked taller; she was one Ange’s shoulders

With the guards out of the way, Ange and Beatrice press on. Beatrice starts talking about team names again, without changing her voice back to normal. That amused me quite a lot.

Princess & the Queen.jpg

Princess meets with her grandmother: Her Majesty the Queen

As Chise watches them, a man approaches her and asks what she thinks of the princess. It seems that Chise has infiltrated Ange’s team of spies so whatever group she belongs with can work out whether to side with the Kingdom or the Commonwealth.
Elsewhere, Ange goes on ahead and tells Beatrice to return to the others if she isn’t back within 10 minutes.

Chise, Princess and Dorothy

Dorothy returns to Princess and Chise

After hearing the mission briefing, L confidentially told Dorothy that they are still considering the possibility of Princess being an enemy. This is on Dorothy’s mind, but she keeps quiet about it for now.

Cavorite traces.jpg

Ange ends up discovering an empty room

Presumably Ange is able to use the traces of Cavorite to determine where all the research equipment has gone. She gets out of there and passes the message on her to allies. Once they are all back together, their new objective is to catch up with a boat on the Thames.

Destination reached.jpg

Beatrice did not enjoy the drive

After taking several shortcuts, including down some steps, Dorothy is able to drive to a bridge shortly before the boat passes under it. Once again, Ange insists that Princess and Chise remain behind.
Chise objects, and Princess shares similar feelings.

I'll go too.jpg

Princess climbs onto the edge of the bridge and insists on going as well

After that, all five girls jump onto the boat and get to work carrying out their mission. Ange and Princess talk a little about their past as they do so, and Princess says that she loved the old Ange.
They complete the mission, though that’s not enough to clear Princess of any suspicion with the higher-ups. L tells Dorothy to keep a constant watch on her.

Team name discussion

The girls go back to discussing team names

One final order of business before the episode ends: a team name. Ultimately, they end up settling on Team White Pigeon. There are far more graceful birds out there, but apparently spies are referred to as ‘pigeons’, so I guess it is somewhat fitting.

Though Chise appears in this episode, I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see how she first met Ange and the others. However, we did get a hint as to why she joined them. She did seem fond of Princess when she was talking about her, too.
There were a few small moments from Beatrice that amused me a great deal throughout this episode: talking about cutesy team names with a man’s voice, her reaction to Dorothy’s driving and the way she didn’t know which team to go with when they split up on the boat.
I may have picked out a few Beatrice highlights here, but I definitely like all of the main cast. I’m also really enjoying the espionage we’re getting, as well. Once again, Princess Principal proves to be really quite good.

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1 Response to Princess Principal Episode 4: This World Isn’t Black and White

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yet another great episode that gave us another Ange X Princess hope spot.

    Beatrice was delightful and Chise’s freakin’ adorable!

    Dorothy continues providing raging otaku boner moments.

    The spy stuff is still awesome.

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