NEW GAME!! Episode 3: Fire Breath Error

Aoba is eager to jump into her new role in NEW GAME!!‘s third episode, but she soon discovers that it will be harder than she thought.
Meanwhile, Nene continues working on her own project.

Eager Aoba.jpg

Aoba is eager to provide advice about her character designs

I don’t want to oversaturate this posts with pictures of Hifumi (as great as she is), so you’ll probably have to find an over eager fan on Twitter or something who shared her shopping trip featured at the beginning of the episode.
Anyways, as the the character designer for Eagle Jump’s next project, Aoba is eager to to provide any advice to Hifumi who has modelled her initial design for testing purposes.
However, Aoba’s inexperience results in her being unable to participate in the conversation. That doesn’t go unnoticed by Hifumi.

Lunch invite.jpg

Hifumi invite Aoba to go and get lunch together

Hey, look at that. The shy girl plucked up the courage to ask someone to go and get lunch together – maybe that will serve as inspiration for some of the less confident… or maybe they’ll just lament about not being asked out for lunch by a cute girl, don’t know.
All right, enough cynicism. Hifumi invited Aoba out because she was worried about her, and gives her some encouragement.You know, I can sympathise with Hifumi here.

Exhausted Hifumi

Hifumi exhausted herself by talking too much

After that, we switch focus to Nene and Umiko. Both happen to be working on games at the same time, and running into the same problems.Nene's gameAnother errorYep, both end up causing an error whilst trying to implement fire breath into their respective games. Even apart, they are connected in some manner, or something like that. Nene decides that she should show her game to Umiko.
Before that, though, Umiko meets with Shizuku who has decided to change the specs.

Forehead flick.jpg

Umiko delivers on her promise to give Shizuku a forehead flick when she changes the specs

Umiko says that Shizuku shouldn’t play off the changes in the specs as if they were nothing. Her forehead flicks would be gentler if that was the case.

Upset Hifumi

Ko manages to upset both Hifumi and Rin for different reasons

Lunch time arrives, and Hifumi brings a fair amount of food for everyone to share. She even has some that she offers to Aoba first, but Ko gets there before she does. Shizuku tries to embarrass Umiko by feeding her, but Umiko has become acclimated to that kind of thing. As the audience, we all know that it was with Nene, but Umiko chooses to keep that a secret from her colleagues.

Nene & Umiko.jpg

Umiko takes a look at Nene’s game

Nene’s game is far from perfect, and Umiko has no problems pointing out its flaws. Nene doesn’t intend to quit, though.
Umiko tells Nene about Aoba becoming a character designer, and the episode ends with those two catching up with a phone call.

NEW GAME!! continues to be as enjoyable as ever, and the relationships between particular pairs of characters are just getting stronger and stronger. Ko and Rin are pretty much a given, but it was nice to see Hifumi strive to become more confident and pluck up the courage to ask Aoba out for lunch.
I’m also loving the interactions between Nene and Umiko; they were enjoyable in the first season, but this second season has made them even better.
There’s not much else I have to add here, other than judging by these first three episodes, I can see the second season being even better than the first.



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One Response to NEW GAME!! Episode 3: Fire Breath Error

  1. OG-Man says:

    The highlight of the episode was yet again Umiko X Nene. They’re getting better and better each time they’re together.

    Poor Hifumi had it rough. She couldn’t buy new clothes, got exhausted from asking her bu out and then was denied her moment of glory by Ko. Rin also has it rough, being in love with idiot and all.

    I hope Nene’s classmate goes to Eagle Jump and hooks up with the megane executive or whatever her role is.

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