Dragon Ball Super Episode 100: I Believe in You

I said I would cover Dragon Ball Super whenever Caulifla and/or Kale do anything noteworthy. In the 100th episode of the series, the Tournament of Power is well under way. Caulifla and Kale decide to go after Goku himself; let’s see how they fare when they are matched up against a main character…

Unconscious Kale

Kale gets beaten up by Universe 10’s Methiop and Napapa

Kale fights against Universe 10’s Methiop, but her punches have very little effect. She is then caught by Napapa, who holds her whilst Methiop hits her until she is unconscious. Napapa throws her, but Caulifla catches Kale. She then turns her attention to Methiop and Napapa.

Caulifla attacks

Caulifla delivers a beatdown to Methiop

After she knocks Methiop away, Caulifla then finds herself with her hands full trying to stop Napapa from pushing her out of the ring. He is able to force her close to the edge, but she is able to stop herself from being pushed out.

Caulifla vs Napapa.jpg

Caulifla eliminates Napapa

Kale & Caulifla.jpg

Caulifla checks up on Kale

Caulifla tells Kale that she should use her true power, and that she believes in her. Caulifla then picks out their next opponent: Son Goku.
Goku is fighting a Yardratian, Jimizu, who uses Instant Transmission to flit about the place and be supposedly undetectable.

Caulifla kicks Jimizu.jpg

Caulifla takes care of Universe 2’s Jimizu no problem

Caulifla demands that Goku teaches her how to go Super Saiyan Blue, and that she will beat him up as thanks. Goku says that she isn’t ready for Blue yet, which Caulifla takes as an insult. She tells Kale to transform, but she doesn’t manage it.

Ascended Saiyan Caulifla

Caulifla bulks up with the Super Saiyan Third Grade form

Of course, the Super Saiyan Third Grade form sacrifices speed for power, so Caulifla is unable to land a hit on Goku. Goku tells Caulifla that, and that she should be aiming for the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. We know she managed it once before, but apparently she’s struggled to attain it again since.

Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla.jpg

Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla

Goku is impressed with Caulifla’s ability, and says that she might even reach Super Saiyan 3 during the fight. Caulifla then trades blows with Goku as Kale watches on. Kale tries to support Caulifla with an energy blast, but Goku easily knocks it away and tells her not to bother them.
Once again, Kale finds that Caulifla has the attention of someone else. Kale doesn’t like when people take Caulifla from her.


Kale transforms

Kale attacks Goku, and almost knocks Caulifla out of the ring as a result. However, Hit is able to save her with his Time Skip ability – which I’m glad for, because I would have hated seeing Caulifla eliminated in that way.
Vegeta believes that Kale may have attained the Super Saiyan’s true form. This is also the first time that Goku and Vegeta have seen this form, so I guess that confirms Broly as non-canon.
Goku has to go Super Saiyan Blue to fight her, but even a Kamehameha from that form doesn’t seem to have much impact.

Kale's uncontrollable power.jpg

Kale’s power explodes uncontrollably

Kale fires energy blasts indiscriminately, even manage to eliminate Methiop in the process. She then goes on the hunt for Goku, but one of Universe 11’s fighters tries to stop her.

Vuon stops Kale

Vuon tries to stop Kale

Kale easily breaks free, and then eliminate Vuon. As the other Pride Troopers from Universe 11 watch on, Jiren decides to step up to put an end to the threat. He is able to knock Kale out of her Super Saiyan form.

Caulifla fixes Kale's hair.jpg

Caulifla catches the unconscious Kale and then fixes her hair

When Goku gets Jiren’s attention, Hit, Caulifla and Kale retreat.

That takes us up to the end of Dragon Ball Super‘s 100th episode, which I enjoyed quite a lot. I’m happy that we finally got to see Caulifla and Kale in action, and even more so that this episode didn’t end with either of them eliminated.
I hope Goku telling Caulifla that she could achieve Super Saiyan 3 was foreshadowing, because I really want to see that. Plus, it would also have the bonus of annoying certain viewers (because let’s face it, calling them fans would be a stretch), which can be pretty amusing.

Caulifla and Kale are still pretty great together; highlights from this episode include Caulifla getting Kale to look into her eyes and telling her that she believes in her, as well as Caulifla fixing Kale’s hair later on.
I was worried that having them fight Goku would result in elimination, but that wasn’t the case. They get to continue the fight, and as such, I’m still cheering for Universe 6. Well, at least whilst Caulifla and Kale are still in the fight…

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1 Response to Dragon Ball Super Episode 100: I Believe in You

  1. OG-Man says:

    That was GLORIOUS! Seeing Caulifla vs Goku was as awesome as Daniel Bryan vs John Cena at Summerslam 2013.

    Kale brushing off Goku’s offense for a bit was also pretty sweet.

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