Princess Principal Episode 2: I Would Want to Be Friends With the Devil

The second episode of Princess Principal shows what happened when Ange first transferred into Queen’s Mayfaire Academy – naturally, it was done with a mission in mind.


Ange plays the role of clumsy, shy transfer student

Ange had transferred into the prestigious secondary school in order to switch places with the enemy nation’s princess. Helping her out with Operation: Changeling is Dorothy.

Dorothy & Ange.jpg

Dorothy is a 20-year old women masquerading as a secondary school student

Ange teases Dorothy a little for pretending to be a secondary school student, but 20 is really close to secondary school age anyway.
The two discuss their target – and it’s someone that we met in the first episode.


Princess is the target

Beatrice being ever-present at Princess’s side complicates things slightly, but Ange comes up with an idea.
The Foreign Secretary throws a party, and Ange and Dorothy are able to attend.

Ange & Dorothy.jpg

Ange and Dorothy get dressed up for the occasion

Ange intends to launch a surprise attack, but Dorothy receives emergency orders that changes their objective. Foreign Affairs Committee Member Morgan has blueprints he intends to deliver to the West – Ange and Dorothy are given the order to dispose of the blueprints. With the Duke of Normandy due to arrive in 30 minutes, Ange and Dorothy have to work quickly to retrieve the key to the vault.

Direct Approach.jpg

Dorothy opts for the direct approach

Dorothy tries to get a dance with Morgan, but is unable to do so. Ange has a plan, though, and it involves getting close to Princess.

Princess & Beatrice

Princess & Beatrice

Ange approaches Princess and plainly asks if they could be friends. Princess eventually agrees, but Ange just happens to spill her red wine on Princess’s dress. Ange, Dorothy, Princess and Beatrice go to a private room, where Ange volunteers to clean Princess’s dress.

Ange in disguise.jpg

Ange disguised as Princess

Ange had just spilt red dye on Princess’s dress, so cleaning it was a simple matter. With Princess’s dress now in her possession, Ange disguises herself as Princess. Ange goes back to the main hall, where she is able to dance with Morgan.
Princess asks Beatrice which would be more likely to tell lies: an angel or devil. Of course, Beatrice believes that it would be the devil. However, Princess says that she would rather be friends with a devil if that is the case.
As Ange dances with Morgan, she is able to convince him to give up the key to the vault – even whilst they are surrounded by the Duke of Normandy’s men.


Princess knows that Ange and Dorothy are spies, and won’t hesitate to sell them out if they don’t comply with her request

After returning Princess’s dress, the girls go back to the main hall once more. Princess reveals she knows that Ange and Dorothy are spies. She also reveals her ambition to be Queen – she is currently fourth in line to the throne.
Princess gives Ange and Dorothy a message to deliver to her superiors: tell them she wants them to join her.

Morgan & the Duke of Normandy.jpg

Morgan departs from the party and happens to run into the Duke of Normandy

The Duke of Normandy realises that Morgan no longer has the vault key, so he incapacitates him and orders all the party guests to be searched.
Currently, Ange has the key in her possession. She intends to give it to Princess as she wouldn’t be searched; in return, she will get her superiors to answer yes to Princess’s request.
With the assurance that Ange will kill Princess if necessary, the superiors give their answer.


Princess and Ange – or rather, ‘Charlotte’ – are reunited after 10 years

So, how did Princess know that Ange and Dorothy were spies? Simple: Ange told her. Princess welcomes Ange home, and refers to her as Charlotte.

Yep, Princess Principal is certainly going to keep things very interesting. Also, it’s worth noting the case numbers for the episode titles. Episode 1 had case 13, whilst this was case 1.
So, Ange is actually Princess Charlotte, and Princess is actually Ange. This is going to result in a whole lot of confusion, I suspect… but it was a pretty great twist, nonetheless.

Princess Principal and Action Heroine Cheer Fruits are currently battling for top spot as my favourite non-sequel anime this season – both of their second episodes have been really good.
Throw in sequel anime, and they’ll be battling for third place under Symphogear AXZ and NEW GAME!!.

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2 Responses to Princess Principal Episode 2: I Would Want to Be Friends With the Devil

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  2. OG-Man says:

    This felt more like a laid back spy flick while the premiere was a traditional action packed spy flick. Really good stuff so far.

    The twist at the end was very surprising indeed.

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