A Centaur’s Life Episode 2: Angel’s Warmth

Hime and friends are back in the second episode of A Centaur’s Life, and in this one they discuss future aspirations as well as how to cope with the cold weather.The episode opens with Hime’s mum discussing something with an old friend of hers. We soon discover the topic of their conversation when Nozomi spots a particular magazine in a shop.


Nozomi spots Hime on the cover of a fashion magazine

Akechi spots Nozomi taken an interest in a fashion magazine and scares her. She teases Nozomi for showing an interest in fashion, and offers to give her advice on it.


Nozomi decides not to go along with Akechi’s idea

However, Akechi says that any student working whilst attending the school is likely to get expelled. Nozomi feels she has no choice but to go along with Akechi after that, just for Hime’s sake.

Doll Nozomi.jpg

Nozomi ends up in cosplay

Akechi pretty much just used Nozomi for the sake of her own hobby. Michu flicks through the magazine, and sees that there is an Antarctican snake girl in it. Nozomi is pretty eager to get out of there, but Akechi hangs the threat of Hime’s expulsion over her head.
Later on, Nozomi asks Hime if she is hiding anything. Turns out she does have a secret, though it’s not quite what you might expect.

Hime's secret

Hime enjoyed an extra doughnut in secret

Kyoko brings up her appearance on the magazine. Hime’s mum is a friend of the editor-in-chief, and they were having trouble getting a centaur model. Hime took on the role, though she doesn’t think she could do it full time.

Doctor Hime

Hime wants to be a doctor

When the girls return to school, Inukai whispers something to Nozomi. Nozomi then confronts Akechi about working at a maid café, but she’s confident that she’ll keep quiet because they are friends.
In the second part of the episode, cold weather settles in. Kyoko in particularly struggles with it, though she gets an idea when she sees Akechi’s method for coping with it.

Angel's warmth.jpg

Akechi enjoys an angel’s warmth

Michi seems really easygoing about her girlfriend’s behaviour. Seeing Akechi gives Kyoko and idea.

A Centaur's Warmth

Nozomi and Kyoko hang off Hime like this whilst they walk to school

Hime suggests that Kyoko should try thinking if being warm to counter the heat, and this leads to a flashback of a visit to the 14th High School for Merfolk.

Merfolk School.jpg

The water level was lowered to accommodate the guests

Kyoko draws a lot of attention for the male merfolk, whilst Nozomi ends up being mistaken for a boy. There’s quite a commotion, but the merfolk (presumably) class rep is able to get everyone to quiet down.
Back to the present, someone bumps into Hime.


Koma and Shizuura

The focus switches to those two for the last part of the episode. It’s pretty much just Shizuura wishing she had proper legs, and Koma telling her that she is fine as she is.
That brings this episode to an end.

I feel that this episode started perfectly fine, but it just sort of petered out as it went on. I had no issues with the first half, but for me, I just really didn’t feel the merfolk school section and what came after it.
I know that Koma and Shizuura do feature during the opening credits, but they are pretty unremarkable – I don’t even remember them from what I have read of the manga.

The flashback to the merfolk school felt like it was just there to fill the running time as well. I didn’t feel like it had much connection to the whole talking about staying warm chat Hime and her friends were having.

Everything else was pretty good, though. Akechi seems like a pretty fun character, and it’s nice to see Nozomi doing stuff for Hime’s sake. Actually, talking of Hime, she didn’t really have much to do this time around, huh?

A Centaur’s Life has some work to do if it really wants to impress me, but that isn’t to say what has been shown is bad. I have a mostly positive impression of the first two episodes, and I think things might get even better judging by the titles used for the next episode.

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