NEW GAME!! Episode 1: The Next Project

Aoba Suzukaze and the other employees of Eagle Jump return in my second most anticipated anime series of the summer season.
Whilst the option to watch the first episode before now has been there, I decided I would wait until Crunchyroll got it.
I rewatched NEW GAME! yesterday in preparation for this second season. It came at number four in my top ten anime of 2016 list, so it will be interesting to see whether this second season will be able to live up to its predecessor.The second season pretty much begins the same way as the first did, except a year after Aoba has joined Eagle Jump.

Rin & Aoba

It sure feels good to see these faces again

Aoba gets all excited about about Eagle Jump getting new hires, but Rin soon bursts her bubble. They won’t be hiring any new employees this time around.

Ko in her underwear.jpg

Ko is still the same as ever

Soon enough, the other Eagle Jump employees filter into the building. Much like Aoba, Hajime too is excited about their potential new employees. However, upon hearing that they won’t be getting any, she is both relieved and disappointed.

Eagle Jump employees.jpg

The girls discuss their next project

Umiko also shows up, looking for Shizuku with a prototype of their next project.
Following that, Ko suggests they go cherry blossom viewing, and then Shizuku passes by and happens to witness something nice.

Hifumi smiles.jpg

Hifumi smiles

Aoba and the others are keen to find out what their next project is, so they ask Shizuku about it. She says that they’ll consider any idea, as long as someone comes up with a good enough proposal. This leads to Aoba and the others thinking up ideas of their own.

Umiko & Nene.jpg

Nene meets with Umiko

Moving on, Nene tries to sneak up on Umiko. However, she takes her eyes off her and Umiko is the one who sneaks up on Nene.

Nene feeds Umiko.jpg

Nene feeds Umiko

Nene met with Umiko as she wanted some advice about a game she was programming. Umiko helps her out with the game, easily spotting an error. Umiko effectively says that Nene’s mistake was a rookie one, but Nene takes it to mean she has potential.


Hifumi is happy that she is able to express herself more than before


Here’s the first episode’s eyecatch

In the second half of the episode, each of the Eagle Jump employees are called into a meeting with Rin and Shizuku to discuss any feedback they have concerning their last project.

Aoba's feedback meeting.jpg

Rin really isn’t pleased when Shizuku suggests Ko could be taken away from her

Aoba asks why Eagle Jump seems to only employ women. Shizuku pretty much tells her it’s just based on preference, whereas Rin insists it is just coincidence. When Shizuku suggests that Ko could be taken away from her if they employed men, she snaps.
Even if they did have male employees, I very much doubt Ko and Rin’s relationship would be affected…
The other girls have their meetings, with the most noteworthy being Hifumi and Umiko’s.

Character team leader

Hifumi’s reaction upon Shizuku suggesting she become character team leader for the next project

Umiko's meeting.jpg

Umiko accepts the role of lead programmer, though she has a condition

With Shizuku’s habit of changing the specs on them at a moment’s notice, Umiko says she will take on the lead programmer role as long as she can punish Shizuku with a forehead flick when she does that.
Shizuku accepts, though Rin says that she will try to keep her in check.

Cherry Blossom

Everyone gathered for the cherry blossom viewing

After enjoying the food and each other’s company, Shizuku has an announcement. They will be holding a character design competition for their next project. With the winner of the competition becoming the character designer for the next project, Aoba swears to give it her all.

It feels so good having Aoba and the others back once again, and I can’t wait to see how the work on their next project goes. The start of this second season is pretty much back to status quo, and that’s perfectly fine with me.
Ko and Rin are as gay for each other as ever; Hifumi being more willing to smile is kind of the best thing; and Aoba’s enthusiasm for her work is great. All the characters are great.
I liked seeing Umiko make time to meet up with Nene. That sequence was quite enjoyable, though you’d think that Nene would know not to tease Umiko by now…

I know that we’ll be getting a couple of new characters joining the cast, so it’ll be certainly interesting to see how they fit in with the established dynamic. NEW GAME!! is back, and I couldn’t be happier with its return.

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2 Responses to NEW GAME!! Episode 1: The Next Project

  1. OG-Man says:

    The Umiko and Nene date was the highlight of the episode.

    Poor Rin’s still having a hard time being Kou’s girlfriend.

    Hifumi and Aoba are still totes adorbs.

    Looking forward to more from our favorite gang and the eventual newcomers to the cast.

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