Symphogear AXZ Episode 2: Turn That Moment into an Eternity

Time for the second episode of Symphogear AXZ, and Maria, Kirika and Shirabe have a serpent to deal with. Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris have their own mission to focus on, and it is one in which Chris is reunited with someone from her past.Despite running low on LiNKER, Maria, Kirika and Shirabe are prepared for a fight. Elfnein apologises for not being able to analyse the LiNKER recipe from Dr. Ver’s chip.

Genjuro comforts Elfnein

Elfnein just has to believe in Maria and the others

Maria, Kirika and Shirabe fight against the alchemists’ serpent, but they are unable to damage it. Maria tries taking it with one hit, but the serpent is able to shrug it off as if it were nothing. The Symphogear users retreat.


The director threatens to have the Alca-Noise attack innocent civilians

Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris locate the director, but he isn’t about to give up so easily. He has a group of Alca-Noise surrounding innocent civilians, and he is ready to give them the order to attack.
Maria and the others run from the alchemists’ serpent, which is called Yohualtepoztli. Saint-Germain calls it off. The alchemists highest priority is retrieving Tiki.


The relic known as Tiki

Hearing the name ‘Tiki’ immediately conjures up images of the manakete – or dragon-girl – from Fire Emblem. Obviously the only connection is the name, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Symphogear‘s Tiki ended up turning into a dragon at some point…

Stefan grabbed.jpg

Stefan is grabbed by an Alca-Noise, forcing Chris to make a critical decision

The boy who guided Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris to the location of the director is able to provide them with an opening, but he ends up getting caught by an Alca-Noise. Chris makes a spur of the moment decision, which saves Stefan. His rescue does come with a price though…


Stefan’s sister, Sonya

Sonya is not happy with the way things turn out, and she lashes out at Chris. All Chris can do is accept her anger, as she was the one who made the decision.

Safe Return.jpg

Maria and the others return safely

Elfnein is still feeling low from not being able to analyse the LiNKER recipe, but Maria, Kirika and Shirabe assure her that all they need is for her to cheer them on.

Elsewhere, Saint-Germain is able to retrieve Tiki. She is left to return with it alone, as Cagliostro and Prelati want to finish their fight with the Symphogear users.

Sonya & Chris.jpg

Chris loved Sonya like a sister when they were younger

Chris still blames Sonya for the deaths of her parents, so their reunion hasn’t exactly been a happy one. Sonya knows that Chris was left with no choice to take the action she did, yet she cannot bring herself to forgive her.
Genjuro gets in touch with Tsubasa to inform her of Alca-Noise activity at an airport, and that he has sent Maria’s team over. However, Maria’s team are only capable of securing the area whilst the LiNKER lasts.

Maria transformation.jpg

We’re treated to Maria’s transformation sequence when she arrives at the airport

Maria’s team give Cagliostro and Prelati barely any time to react to their arrival. Shirabe takes care of the Alca-Noise, Kirika is able to bind Prelati and Maria takes the most direct course of action to prevent Yohualtepoztli from being summoned.


Maria wastes no time in going after Cagliostro

Shirabe & Kirika vs Prelati.jpg

Shirabe and Kirika go after Prelati before turning their attention to a plane that is trying to take off

As they fight, the sync rates of Maria’s team begins to drop. Elfnein cheers for them, telling to hang on for a moment. Whilst Kirika and Shirabe deal with a plane in a manner that you would only ever find in Symphogear, Maria launches an attack against the two alchemists.

Horizon Cannon.jpg

I still love these scenes

Maria’s team revert back to normal after the fight, but it turns out that the alchemists are unharmed. Cagliostro summons Yohualtepoztli, and things look pretty bleak for Maria’s team.
Hibiki then drops in.

Punch through the impossible.jpg

Hibiki punches through the impossible

Hibiki doesn’t have the time for invincible serpents and takes it out by channelling her inner Saitama.

The second episode of Symphogear AXZ continues to show why I adore the show so much, and is just generally really good.
It seems that this particular season might be hard on Chris, but I’m sure she’ll be a better person after overcoming her past. It’s interesting to learn more about her from her time before she was with Finé.

The fight sequences are as amazing as ever, and I have yet to hear a Symphogear song I don’t like. It was Maria’s team’s turn to get the focus when it comes to fights in this second episode, and they sure did deliver in spectacular style.
Hopefully Elfnein will be able to work something out with the LiNKER so that Maria, Kirika and Shirabe can go back to fighting alongside Hibiki and the others fairly soon.
Also, Elfnein is freaking adorable. I wouldn’t mind patting her head, or having her cheer for me.

Symphogear is so good. I’m pretty much going to be reiterating that in every post, because that’s just how much I love the series.



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One Response to Symphogear AXZ Episode 2: Turn That Moment into an Eternity

  1. OG-Man says:

    Not much to add. Symphogear is still GLORIOUS. There is ONE little tidbit you left out that was shown in the OP, which is yet again another excellent OP by Nana Mizuki.

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