Princess Principal Episode 1: Some Lies Become Truth in the Telling

Before I begin, a bit of housekeeping. I am able to watch Princess Principal on Sundays, but I already have a fair number of posts for that day. I do intend to put a schedule together for my anime posts this season, but I’m waiting for full simulcast lineups to be revealed. At the time of writing, Crunchyroll has eight more announcements to reveal – I’m hoping two of them are Symphogear AXZ and NEW GAME!!. With that all said and done, let’s focus on Princess Principal.
Out of all the shows airing in the summer, Princess Principal was my most anticipated non-sequel anime. Set in London and brought to us by the same people responsible for FLIP FLAPPERS, this piqued my interest ever since I first learned about it.
Let’s take a look and see how the first episode is.The episode opens with exposition establishing that the Kingdom of Albion is split into east and west by a wall, with London being the front line of the war fought between the spies of the Kingdom of Albion and the Commonwealth of Albion.


The leading lady, Ange

Ange observes a street from a high vantage point, and finds her target. She leaps down and introduces herself as an extraterrestrial from the Black Lizard Planet. With her target being pursued, she uses Cavorite to make an escape.


It seems that Ange can use Cavorite to manipulate gravity

The Cavorite can only be used for a short while, but Ange has some back-up in the form of Chise. That’s good, because her pursuers aren’t the type to give up.



Chise is able to take out one car, but a second still chases them. Of course, a getaway driver is a must in this type of situation, and that role is filled by Dorothy.



Ange, Dorothy and Chise are spies, who are under orders to keep Eric (the man they are helping) safe until he is able to find asylum in the West. After losing their pursuers, they take him to the prestigious Queen’s Mayfaire Academy that even members of the royal family attend. There, two more characters are introduced.





With Eric safe for the time being, plans are put in place to have him moved across the wall. However, Eric says he refuses to direct without his little sister. Ange and Beatric go to gather some intel on Eric’s sister.


Amy is a victim of Cavorite poisoning

They are able to find Eric’s sister, Amy, but she isn’t exactly willing to talk to them. After that, Ange goes to get out some insurance.

Dorothy & Chise.jpg

Dorothy and Chise are both liars – but they couldn’t be friends otherwise

Ange talks to Eric about Amy. Amy has to have an operation to deal with the Cavorite poisoning, but Eric couldn’t afford it. Conveniently, someone informed him that if he defected from the Kingdom to the Commonwealth with his research, he would be able to pay for the operation.

Eric & Ange.jpg

Ange tells Eric about her past

It seems that Ange had quite a tragic past. After their conversation, Eric sends out a messenger pigeon – but both Ange and Dorothy happen to witness that. This leads to a change of plans.

Eric's plan revealed.jpg

Ange reveals she knew Eric’s plan all along

Eric’s defection was an act to lure Ange and the other spies out of hiding. Turns out Eric isn’t really cut out for spy work, though – and Ange is rather observant, too.

Held at gunpoint

Dorothy and Chise make their move whilst Ange deals with Eric

That insurance Ange took out earlier? Turns out there was a good reason for it, and it does mean that Eric’s sister can get the operation she needs.

Ange fires a gun.jpg

Ange says that she won’t kill Eric…

Ange is a liar.

This was a great first episode, and I think this might just sit alongside Fate/Apocrypha as one of my favourite non-sequel anime of the summer season. It’s unclear whether you can trust any word that comes from Ange’s mouth, but I really like that about her.
We got to see a bit from the other characters – Chise, Dorothy, Beatrice and Princess – but I suspect there’s still plenty more we have to learn about them. Princess Principal has only just begun, so there’s lots more time for the other characters to be developed.
I really liked the soundtrack from this episode, too.

Princess Principal is off to a very good start, and I am very much looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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