KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 22: Delicious Waffles

The 22nd episode of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode picks up right after the previous one, in which an uninvited guest showed up during a celebration. PreCure have a powerful adversary before them, so let’s see how they manage.

Kirarin confronts Julio

Kirarin confronts Julio

With his new power, Julio is able to overwhelm PreCure. Kirarin approaches him, and reveals that he is actually her brother, Pikario. She tries to talk sense into him, but Julio has no intention listening.
He uses a burst of dark energy, which ends up sending PreCure, as well as the fairies, underground.

Inside Strawberry Mountain.jpg

Kira-kiraru fills the inside of Strawberry Mountain

The girls’ transformation is also undone, which is ultimately pointless. As you might imagine, Kirarin is in tears. Chourou asks her if anything happened whilst they were studying in Paris.

Pikario & Kirarin.jpg

Pikario and Kirarin

One day, Pikario just suddenly declared he hated sweets and Kirarin and then just disappeared.
Julio then joins them, cutting the flashback short. He attacks, and PreCure transform – see, told you have them revert to normal was pointless.

PreCure attack.jpg

As PreCure fight, Cure Whip seems able to sense something from Julio

Julio overpowers PreCure again, and once more Kirarin tries talking sense into him. She doesn’t have much success, though.
Julio’s anger stems from how Kirarin was constantly improving whilst in Paris, whereas he was just met with failure after failure. This really put a dampener on his dream of becoming PreCure together with Kirarin. When Pikario was at his lowest, he had an encounter.

Pikario & Noir.jpg

Now this is quite a dark image – but PreCure isn’t exactly a stranger to darker themes

Pikario met with Noir. With kira-kiraru taken from Pikario, Noir gave him the Noir Rod and the power to surpass PreCure – supposedly.
Cure Whip asks the other Cures for their help, as she believes she can free Pikario from his torment.

Giving Ichika power.jpg

The Cures lend Whip their power

Cure Whip endures Julio’s attacks, and realises that all Pikario wanted was his sister’s approval. When Julio ceases attacking, PreCure do their usual thing.

Legendary PreCure.jpg

Their usual finisher looks a bit different this time around

With that, Julio is defeated. That doesn’t go unnoticed, however, as someone is watching from up above.


Noir witnessed Julio’s defeat

That’s it for this episode, and I think that it has been a fairly decent conclusion for Julio’s story. A pretty great episode all around, though the transformation sequence was just obvious padding.
Once an episode I can get, because before now they had been fairly self-contained. To have PreCure start transformed and have them revert back only to have them transform again as quick as they did seems excessive.
It’s a pretty minor thing to complain about, and even then it didn’t really affect my enjoyment of this particular episode.

There isn’t too much I have to add for this episode. I am, however, looking forward to the next episode a great deal. I won’t say for why, though the preview at the end of this episode gives it away.

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 22: Delicious Waffles

  1. OG-Man says:

    Kirarin learned a valuable lesson that day, to not get too cocky and ignore the people around her, especially ones she cares about.
    Hopefully Pikario won’t turn human much after this…for obvious reasons.

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