A Centaur’s Life Episode 1: If a Horse Wore Trousers…

Since I enjoyed the first episode of A Centaur’s Life, I figured I would cover it weekly here on my blog. I’m almost certain that other bloggers I follow will be doing the same thing, but it can never hurt to have multiple perspectives on something.
Much like Frame Arms Girl from last season, each episode of A Centaur’s Life is split into two parts. Now let’s see how the first episode went.

Hime kisses Nozomi

The very first scene of the show

We begin with Hime’s class practising for an upcoming play. She’s playing a princess, and the script has her kiss the prince – in this case, played by Nozomi. Hime’s script says she should actually kiss the prince, but that turns out to be a prank.


Manami Mitama, the class president, gets everyone back on track

It seems that the kiss plays on Nozomi’s mind for quite a while. When Kyoko brings it up whilst walking home with her and Hime, she blushes.
Anyway, preparations for the play continue, including costumes.

Princess Hime.jpg

Hime always seems to get cast as a princess

Rumours start spreading around the school after Hime’s kiss with Nozomi, but Tama chases off anyone who tries to peek in on them practising. The time for the play arrives, and everything seems to go well.

Prince & Princess.jpg

Nozomi and Hime may not kiss, but this is adorable

However, the scenery is unable to handle the weight of a centaur and it collapses out from under Hime and Nozomi. Fortunately, Hime reacts quickly enough to catch Nozomi and land safely.

Nozomi kisses Hime.jpg

Nozomi thanks Hime

That brings the first part of the episode to an end. Following that is the opening theme, which I quite like.
The second part of the episode kicks off with a class that talks about the evolution of humans and how they split up into different groups. It’s some rather interesting lore.


Kyoko really doesn’t enjoy running

Everyone has to run the same distance, which is easier on some of the students. Nozomi teases Kyoko whilst they run. Hime offers to carry Kyoko, but she refuses just in case she gets sent to a correction facility. It seems that equality is taken very seriously in this world.

Hime jumps a car

Hime jumps over a car

Kyoko is curious about how fast that Hime can run, so Hime decides to demonstrate for her. She almost winds up getting hit by a car, but her reflexes kick in and she jumps over it.
Whist she is able to run 100m in an impressive nine seconds, it turns out that Hime is actually slow for a centaur. In fact, sports aren’t her thing at all. Afterwards, Nozomi takes the others through a shortcut to get back to school.

Hime comforts Nozomi

Nozomi gets comforted by Hime after seeing the results of the midterm exams

Finally, the students check their results for the midterm exams. Everyone ranked lower than three hundred has to take supplementary classes and a make-up exam. Nozomi got 299th. Hime offers to study together with her, whilst Kyoko says that Hime shouldn’t spoil her.

Thus ends the first episode of A Centaur’s Life, and I enjoyed it. It’s all familiar stuff to me because I’ve read a fair bit of the manga, but it sure is nice seeing Hime and her friends animated. You certainly won’t hear me complaining about those kisses between Hime and Nozomi, either.
Hime, Nozomi and Kyoko all seem like pretty great characters, and I like the variety of character designs within their class.
An enjoyable first episode, but what I’m anticipating most are the appearance of the younger characters – I’m sure hearts will be melted once they show up.

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3 Responses to A Centaur’s Life Episode 1: If a Horse Wore Trousers…

  1. OG-Man says:

    Yup. Pretty good adaptation of the start of the show. Glad they didn’t bother with Chapter 0. My memory is foggy so I don’t really remember much about the manga and I’ll keep it that way because it’s more fun to go in blind.

    You bet I’m psyched for the PONYYYYYYY’S TV debut!

  2. OG-Man says:

    “starting chapters of the manga”.

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