Seven Mortal Sins Episode 11: An Impossible Miracle

It sure does feel like it has been a long while since the previous episode of Seven Mortal Sins aired – what with it taking a break last week. However, episode 11 has finally descended upon us. As usual:

NSFW Warning

Things seemed pretty dire for Lucifer at the end of the previous episode, so let’s see how she deals with the unfavourable situation she finds herself in.

Belial tortures Lucifer

Belial tortures the captive Lucifer

As Belial tortures Lucifer, she tells her that she knows about the angel blood that was in Maria. Oh, for that matter, Maria is currently sleeping and will do so until Belial decides to wake her.

Satanael falls.jpg

Turns out Belial is also a fallen angel

Before she fell to Hell, Belial was an angel known as Satanael. She gathered followers for God by lying to people about miracles – all that resulted in doing was making people rely upon said miracle, and ultimately fall to the seven deadly sins. For that reason, Satanael was cast into Hell.
Back to the present, Belial makes the mistake of saying that she no longer needs to be the leader of the Seven Mortal Sins – this brings an end to the torture each of them are enduring.

Beelzebub & Mammon.jpg

The other Demon Lords arrive to back up Lucifer

The Demon Lords attempt to attack Belial. However, Belial has absorbed all of Lucifer’s power and quickly incapacitates all of them. With Lucifer injured and without her power, Belial comes up with a cruel way to destroy her.

Belial & Maria.jpg

Belial decides that Maria should be the one to kill Lucifer

Of course, Maria doesn’t want to stab Lucifer, but Belial has her heart in her possession. Even with Belial crushing her heart, Maria still refuses to hurt Lucifer.

Leviathan & Astaroth.jpg

Leviathan and Astaroth put their differences aside to escape from the ice

Maria outright refuses to stab Lucifer, but Lucifer tells her she should go ahead with it. Lucifer decides to hug Maria, with the intent of getting stabbed.

Lucifer stabbed.jpg

Is this the end for Lucifer…?

As you might expect, Maria falls to her knees in despair and the other Demon Lords can only watch on helplessly. However, it seems that Lucifer had a plan all along; she and Maria switch hearts.
With Maria’s heart, Lucifer gets back on her feet and confronts Belial. Maria seems to be perfectly fine, as well.

Lucifer vs Belial.jpg

A revitalised Lucifer fights Belial

Lucifer fights Belial and reveals to her that it was God who cast her down into Hell. Belial blamed Lucifer for her fall, but only God is able to cast someone down – Satanael was unaware of that as she was never one of the Seven Lively Virtues, unlike Lucifer.

Beelzebub & Belphegor.jpg

The Mortal Sins watch on as Lucifer lectures Belial

Belial’s attacks have no effect on Lucifer, and she is able to defeat her. The other Demon Lords are freed, and even Leviathan and Astaroth arrive as well.

Lucifer & Leviathan

I wonder how Leviathan would react if she discovered that Lucifer gave Maria her heart

Belial concedes defeat, and Lucifer decides that she should be cast out to Earth because she would hate that. However, everything starts shaking and a new visitor descends from above.

Michael Descends.jpg

The angel Michael appears before Lucifer and the others

Lucifer’s battle is not over just yet, but we’ll have to wait until the next episode to see how it will unfold.

This episode was fairly decent. I do believe that Belial deserved far more punishment than she actually got, but hey, at least she was defeated. It’s just a shame we didn’t really get a battle the same calibre as Lucifer vs. Satan, particularly considering Belial has been the main antagonist.
It’s nice to have Maria conscious again, though it seems like she’ll be going without clothes for a little while longer…
I’m a little sad that we didn’t get to see Behemoth playing Astaroth’s guitar; instead we just a single scene of Leviathan and Astaroth talking about how they’ll escape their icy prisons before they just show up towards the end of the episode.
I’m sure this episode will also please those who were disappointed we didn’t get to see certain characters’ assets previously, though there really was no reason for it. Then again, there’s really no reason for any of the excessive fanservice, yet here I am watching it and posting screenshots of said gratuitous fanservice…

If I’m correct, then the next episode will be the final one (at last… those delays weren’t ideal). As such, I’ll be posting a review of the series after I’ve watched it – unless it turns out to be a particularly amazing finale, in which case I’ll discuss the episode as well.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 11: An Impossible Miracle

  1. OG-Man says:

    Finally we were blessed with the sight of a nude Beelzebub outside of the ED. Do not pretend you weren’t anticipating it.

    Decent way to finish off Belial. I’m interested to see how the show wraps up before the bonus episodes. Dunno if they’re Blu-Ray exclusives. My guess is yes.

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