Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 2

Now I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the second volume of Nakatani Nio’s Bloom into You. As I said in my Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 1 post, I enjoyed the first volume and I’ll happily be picking up the next volumes when they are available in English.
Much like the first volume, there are five chapters – or rather, episodes. It goes from episode 6 up to episode 10.

Bloom into You Volume 2

The cover of Bloom into You Volume 2

Student council president Nanami Touko is in love with her friend, Koito Yuu! Even though Yuu doesn’t love her back, she stuck by her side and joined the student council, too. She’s accepted Touko’s feeling – but what about her own? Yuu still doesn’t have anyone she likes… but now, a new thought is growing in her heart: “I want to fall in love with Nanami-senpai!”.

As the new student council president, Nanami reveals that she wants to revive the student council play in episode 6, ‘A Kiss is Just a Kiss’. The idea is met with mixed reactions.
The newest addition to the student council, Doujima ends up asking Yuu and another student council member, Maki, about why they joined the student council.
Later on, Yuu and Nanami wind up alone. Nanami says that she wants to kiss Yuu, and Yuu doesn’t object to the idea.
Maki happens to witness the scene between the two when he goes back to pick up his pencil case.

Nanami remains enthusiastic about putting on a play in episode 7, ‘I’m Not an Actress’. Yuu remains unconvinced, though.
Whilst carrying out work for the student council, Maki admits to Yuu what he saw. Yuu simply asks him not to tell Nanami what he saw. He agrees, though he believes Yuu does love Nanami.

Following that is an interlude called ‘Reading Too Much Into Books’, with Nanami buying a book with erotic lesbian scenes – though she was unaware. Of course, as the title suggests, Yuu reads too much into that.

The student council goes on a break in episode 8, ‘Multiple Choice’, due to midterm exams.
Yuu’s friend Koyomi shows her a novel she is writing, and Yuu promises to read it and share her thoughts.
Yuu decides to go study in the library and ends up accompanied by Nanami. They spend time studying together, before Yuu invites Nanami over to her place.

Yuu and Nanami study together at Yuu’s home in episode 9, ‘Multiple Choice (Continued)’. However, Nanami has trouble concentrating, because she’s with the person she loves.
Yuu promises to be by Nanami’s side, despite not feeling love for her.

There’s another interlude, this one called ‘Before Dawn’. In the past, Nanami received a letter from a girl and sought Sayaka’s advice on what she should say.

With exams finished in episode 10, ‘Lock Away My Words’, the student council start preparations for their play.
Sayaka winds up talking to Yuu about it, and drops a hint about why Nanami is so eager to have the student council put on a play.
Yuu looks into it, and after finding out she walks home with Nanami. Yuu tries to stop Nanami from doing the play, but she has no intention of doing so.
In the end, Yuu ends up agreeing to help Nanami and stay by her side. Nanami is grateful, though she asks Yuu to just stay the way she is.

That brings volume 2 of Bloom into You to an end, and once more another enjoyable read. I can’t help but wonder if Maki is meant to be representative of the audience in some way – he’s content to watch as the love story between Yuu and Nanami unfolds.

Yuu continues to deny being in love with Nanami, but the fact that she really doesn’t mind being kissed by her seems to suggest otherwise… and then you have other people picking up on how Yuu only ever seems to worry about Nanami.

I’m quite curious as to what kind of play Nanami and the student council will put on, and how Yuu in particular will be involved with it.
Then there’s Sayaka, who wants to be closer to Nanami then anyone else. I’m assuming she’ll end up discovering the relationship that Yuu and Nanami have sooner or later.

The relationship between Yuu and Nanami has advanced slightly since the first volume; Yuu gives Nanami permission to kiss her, though she adamantly states she won’t fall in love. However, what she says doesn’t quite match up with what she thinks…

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