Thoughts on Bloom into You Volume 1

After sharing my thoughts on Milk Morinaga’s Secret of the Princess last week, this time around I’ll be turning my attention to a manga by Nakatani Nio: Bloom into You.
Bloom into You is an ongoing series at the time of writing, being serialised in Dengeki Daioh. It first appeared in the May 2015 issue of the magazine.
Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga for an English language release, with two volumes available at the time of writing.
There are five chapters – or ‘episodes’, as they are referred to here – in this volume of Bloom into You.

Bloom into You Volume 1

Cover of volume 1 of Bloom into You, featuring Touko Nanami and Yuu Koito

Yuu has always adored shoujo manga and years for the day when someone might giver her a love confession that would send her heart aflutter. Yet when a junior high school classmate confesses his feelings to her – she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yuu enters high school, where she sees the confident and beautiful student council member Nanami. When the next person to confess to Yuu is Nanami herself, has her romantic dream finally come true?

Episode 1, ‘I Cannot Reach the Stars’, starts with Yuu deciding to take a look at the student council to see if she wants to join. She sees a boy ask a girl out, but the girl turns him down saying she has no intention of going out with anyone.
The girl introduces herself to Yuu as Nanami, a member of the student council.
A boy had asked Yuu out during middle school graduation, but Yuu didn’t have an answer for him right away. She goes to Nanami for advice about that situation, and is finally able to give him answer; she turns him down.
Nanami then surprises Yuu by telling her that she might be falling in love with her.

Elections for the student council president are due to start soon in episode 2, ‘First Blush’, so Nanami asks Yuu to be her campaign manager. Yuu is unsure.
Nanami discusses her decision with her friend Sayaka, though Sayaka suspect that Nanami’s decision was just an excuse.
Yuu decides to go ahead with it. She walks home with Nanami, and the conversation turns to what Nanami said about falling in love. Nanami gives a Yuu a demonstration of what kind of love she means.

In episode 3, ‘Campaigning for Love’, it is revealed that Yuu felt nothing from Nanami’s demonstration. She keeps that to herself though.
With election activities starting, the student council becomes very busy. During a group photo of the members, Yuu grabs Nanami’s hand. Yuu becomes jealous that Nanami knows what it’s like to feel someone is special.
Yuu and Nanami go to a café, and the pair talk. Nanami seemingly understands Yuu’s feelings, but she won’t give up. Yuu can’t help but be dazzled by her words.

Nanami ends up visiting Yuu’s home in episode 4, ‘Atmospheric Pressure’ – because her family own the bookshop she wants to shop at. Yuu introduces Nanami to her mum and grandmother.
Nanami’s family takes a trip during break, so Yuu spends it hanging out with a few friends; Akari, Natsuki and Kiyomi.
After that, Nanami shows up at the bookshop and gives Yuu a souvenir from her trip.

The time for election speeches arrives in episode 5, ‘The One Who Loves Me’. Yuu realises that Nanami is nervous, so they both step outside. The pair talk, and Yuu gets an idea of Nanami chose her.
Yuu gives her speech for Nanami, as well as announcing that she would like to be a student council officer.
The results of the election come in soon after that.

At the end of this volume there is a preview of volume 2, an afterword from Nakatani Nio, a guide to Toomi East High’s girl’s winter uniform and a couple of nice illustrations of Yuu and Nanami by a window. Those illustrations are spread over two pages each, but they also appear on single pages at the beginning of the volume in full colour.

One of the aspects I quite like about Bloom into You is how Yuu doesn’t immediately fall for Nanami after her confession. In quite a few of the other pieces of yuri media I’m consuming currently, the two girls tend to have feelings for each other even if they don’t realise it at first.
Here, however, nothing about Nanami’s actions have sparked anything in Yuu. Or, well, that’s what she believes anyway.
On the flip side, I would love to see Yuu reciprocate Nanami’s feelings. However, it’s clear that she probably won’t be doing that any time soon – perhaps that will be the pay-off at the conclusion of the series.
Though Yuu claims she feels nothing for Nanami, I feel like there are tiny hints of something there. Perhaps she does just need time…

I found Bloom into You volume 1 to be quite an enjoyable read, and I’m pretty much cheering for Nanami. I like Yuu’s character as well; she is able to grow closer to Nanami despite not sharing the same feelings.

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