KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 20: The Power of Ingredients

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode returns after taking a break last week. Previously Ciel Kirahoshi arrived, and in this episode Ichika spends quite some time with her.

Ciel's new creation

Ciel unveils her newest creation

Ichika continues asking Ciel to become her apprentice, but Ciel still tells her no. Ichika refuses to give up, though.


Pretty much what almost every Brit was thinking during the past week

Anyways, arrangements are made so that Ichika, Himari and Aoi can have a day-long interview with Ciel to promote their town. Naturally, Ichika is ecstatic about the whole idea.

Day-long interview.jpg

Ciel’s fine with the interview, as long as the others can keep up

Ciel and Ichika end up rushing off, leaving Himari and Aoi behind. Ichika is just barely able to match Ciel’s pace, and together the two of them find and pick wild berries that Ciel intends to use as ingredients.


Ichika and Ciel enjoy the view

Whilst looking out towards the sea from a tree, Ciel tells Ichika about the power of ingredient and how she wants to use that to make the best sweets. She also mentions something about the Legendary Pâtissières…
Ichika and Ciel make it to a beekeeper’s place, where a young boy with a book about three bears talks to Ichika, whilst Ciel receives some honey. Ichika says they should make pancakes, and that’s exactly what Ciel decides to do.

Crowd gathers.jpg

A crowd shows up to watch Ciel cook, whilst Akira and Yukari cheer for Ichika

The boy with the book from earlier also encourages Ichika, which gives her a flash of inspiration.

Ciel's pancakes.jpg

Ciel’s pancakes

Ichika's pancakes.jpg

Ichika’s pancakes

Everyone enjoys Ciel’s pancakes, but all that kira-kiraru soon attracts trouble.

Bibury arrives.jpg

Right on cue, Bibury appears


Here’s Iru’s form for this week

Ciel confronts Bibury and Iru and demands that they return the kira-kiraru. Of course, Bibury has no such intention of doing that and Iru grabs Ciel.

Whip & Ciel.jpg

One transformation scene later and Ciel finds herself in the arms of a Legendary Pâtissière

Ciel is amazed to meet PreCure, enough so that Bibury goes ignored for a few moments. Ciel even ends a sentence with “-kira”…
Bibury orders Iru to attack everyone. Cure Whip moves Ciel to safety, before she confronts Iru herself.

Cure Whip

Cure Whip fights in Ciel’s place to defend her feelings

Ichika uses her special move and then the standard finishing procedure takes place. Bibury leaves after being defeated.
After that, Ciel has a chance to try Ichika’s pancakes. She finds them to be ordinary, aside from the huge amounts of kira-kiraru they have. They may not be anything spectacular, but Ichika’s pancakes have the power to make people happy.

That’s it for episode 20, and I really quite enjoyed it. It was a pretty good episode for KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode to return on. I like Ciel a fair bit, and the interactions between her and Ichika are fun.
I don’t really have too much more to add – it was a good episode that focused on Ichika and Ciel. There isn’t really much more that needs to be said.

Looks like the next episode will be another devoted to Ciel. I am perfectly fine with that.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Here’s hoping Ichika X Ciel will be a thing after the truth is revealed.

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