Thoughts on Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Volume 3

With the Arrancar arc of Bleach finally done, I’ll be taking the opportunity to look at some other manga series. Comic Con saw me acquire quite a few new volumes of the stuff, and even after that I’ve been ordering new volumes of manga as they’ve been released.
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid‘s third volume is what I’ll be sharing my thoughts on next. There are a total of ten chapters in this volume, from chapter twenty-one up to chapter thirty. All of the chapters have been adapted into anime, except for chapter thirty.
The anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll, and you can find my review of the series here.
If you want to see my thoughts on the previous volumes, click the respective links: Volume 1 & Volume 2.
The third volume introduces a few new characters to the series – including one who you will be unfamiliar with if you’ve only seen the anime.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Volume 3

The cover of volume 3, featuring Miss Kobayashi, Tohru and Elma

Tohru the dragon has gotten very comfortable in her role as Miss Kobayashi’s maid. But when Elma – the new dragon in town – enters the picture, Tohru’s jealousy overflows! Box lunch battles and noisy neighbours are nothing Tohru can’t handle when the affections of her dear Miss Kobayashi are on the line!

We kick off with chapter 21, ‘Tohru and Dodgeball’. Riko tries to play at a park together with Kanna, but ends up challenging a group a delinquents to a game of dodgeball. Kanna enlists the help of Tohru, Lucoa and Fafnir and the game of dodgeball soon becomes a one-sided affair.
However, the dragons aren’t satisfied, so they challenge each other with all their strength.

Miss Kobayashi has trouble getting to sleep in chapter 22, ‘Tohru & Neighbourhood Trouble”, so Tohru goes and visits their neighbours to ask them to keep it down. Later on, the neighbours start arguing amongst themselves about the noise levels. Fortunately, Miss Kobayashi is able to come up with a solution to the situation before Tohru can wipe them all out.

Kanna is due to go out on a school trip in chapter 23, ‘Tohru & The Best Box Lunch’, so she asks Miss Kobayashi to make her a packed lunch. Tohru claims hers are better, so they end up having a competition to decide who can make the best one.

A new dragon appears in chapter 24, ‘Tohru & Elma’. Elma crashes into Miss Kobayashi’s place and orders Tohru to return home, but she is soon betrayed by her stomach. She also tries to play the intimidating dragon role towards Miss Kobayashi, but her hunger continues to get the better of her.
Turns Elma has quite a weakness for food.

A familiar face starts working at the same company as Miss Kobayashi in chapter 25, ‘Elma & Work’. Elma has trouble fitting in at first, but Miss Kobayashi helps her out. She even gets some food for her after the day is over.
When Miss Kobayashi returns home, Tohru can smell another dragon’s scent.

Miss Kobayashi continues to help Elma out in chapter 26, ‘Tohru & Rivalry’, much to Tohru’s chagrin. As a result, Tohru ends up reverting back to the way she was when she first started living with Miss Kobayashi.
Elma drops by, but Tohru abruptly brings her visit to an end. Miss Kobayashi tells Tohru that she isn’t used to be wanted, but she’s willing to get over that.

Lucoa reveals that she is moving to the human world in chapter 27, ‘Tohru & Lucoa’s Family’. When Lucoa felt someone performing a ritual, she decided to investigate. She ended up being summoned by a boy, and agreed to work for him.
However, Shouta believes Lucoa to be a demon, so she asked for Tohru and Miss Kobayashi’s help to persuade him otherwise. Things don’t really go the way Lucoa hopes.

Miss Kobayashi asks Tohru if she had any human friends in her world in chapter 28, ‘Tohru & Tales of the Past 1’. Tohru tells Miss Kobayashi about a bandit girl she met in some ruins, who aspired to be a maid.

Riko invites Kanna over to her house in chapter 29, ‘Tohru & Saikawa-san’. Tohru and Miss Kobayashi go along with her, where they meet the Saikawa’s family maid, Georgie. Miss Kobayashi enthusiastically drags Tohru along to go and talk about maids with Georgie.
Meanwhile, Riko takes Kanna up to her bedroom, where they play some Twister and video games. After that, Kanna pushes Riko down and asks if she wants to get “really close”, but Tohru interrupts before anything can happen.

The news reports on a landslide in chapter 30, ‘Tohru & Detective Work’. It happened at the mountain where Tohru and Miss Kobayashi first met. It seems that it wasn’t a natural disaster though, so Tohru visits the other dragons to ask them if they were responsible. Kanna, Fafnir, Lucoa and Elma are all innocent. It turns out the culprit is a new dragon named Ilulu.

The volume ends there, so all we really learn about Ilulu is what she looks like.
Whether its in anime or manga form, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is still a whole lot of fun, and retains the heart that makes it so enjoyable. You get some sillier chapters such as the dodgeball one, but it also throws in moments such as Miss Kobayashi telling Tohru she isn’t used to feeling wanted which are really sweet.
I’m not keen on the stuff with Lucoa and Shouta, and much like I said in my review of the anime, I don’t think anything would be lost if that was removed.
I do, however, like Elma, even if she doesn’t really do much in the grand scheme of things. However, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is at its best when it focuses on the Kobayashi family – Miss Kobayashi, Tohru and Kanna.
Still plenty to find amusing in this volume, though.

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