Seven Mortal Sins Episode 10: Atonement

The leader of the Mortal Sins is less than pleased with recent events, and as such her unruly subordinates have to be punished. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues heading towards her destination.

NSFW Warning

Lucifer & Behemoth.jpg

Behemoth still accompanies Lucifer

This episode is pretty much Belial visiting each of the Mortal Sins in their own Circles of Hell and administering some king of punishment to them – naturally, the punishments happen to be thematically appropriate.

Asmodeus & Belial

A flashback shows how Belial became leader of the Mortal Sins

Back to the present day, Lucifer happens to be one step behind Belial as she descends further into Hell. She sees the Demon Lords suffering their punishments, but they refuse her help (well, most of them do).

Belial's past.jpg

Another flashback reveals a little more about Belial

Belial inherited the power of the Byrnedal family because she liked their dilapidated castle; it was holding on to its vanity. It’s the perfect place for the Demon Lord of Vanity.

Leviathan vs Astaroth.jpg

Leviathan continues to fight Astaroth

Leviathan’s fight against Astaroth pretty much just ends up with them jumping on each other.

Belphegor's punishment.jpg

I like Belphegor, but this scene amused me

Hitching a ride

Lucifer hitches a ride

Lucifer continues moving forward, whilst Leviathan and Astaroth’s fight turns into nothing more than naked bickering.

Leviathan & Astaroth

Leviathan and Astaroth end up getting swept down into Cocytus

Belial discovers that Maria has angel’s blood courtesy of Lucifer. Belial believes that Lucifer intend to use that to get back to Heaven.

Angel Blood.jpg

Maria seems to be in trouble

Lucifer arrives in Cocytus, where she sees that Leviathan and Astaroth have got themselves frozen. Leviathan asks for help, but Lucifer tells her to get out of it herself. Leviathan is able to manipulate water, I wonder if that extends to ice as well?
Anyway, one final challenge presents itself to Lucifer before she can face Belial.

Final Challenge.jpg

Ice Giants

Lucifer defeats the giants, but at the cost of her remaining power. She falls unconscious afterwards, leaving her at the mercy of Belial.
Things don’t really look good for Lucifer now, but we’ll have to wait until next time to see what her fate is.

Well, seeing the punishment that at least one of the Demon Lords had to endure was not comfortable viewing… poor Beelzebub. I was also somewhat disappointed that Leviathan’s fight against Astaroth went the way it did – though I guess I should have expected that. Oh well.
On a more positive note, we got to learn a little more about Belial and her connection to the Byrnedale family. We also get an idea of what Lucifer did to Maria during their first meeting, though how Lucifer intends to make use of that is yet to be seen.
This episode wasn’t the greatest, but I am looking forward to the next one just to see how Lucifer overcomes the dire situation she finds herself in.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 10: Atonement

  1. OG-Man says:

    This was more of a setup for what’s to come, to help answer some questions so it wasn’t intended to be a great episode. We at least got to learn a bit so that’s appreciated.

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