Rory’s Reviews: Twin Angels BREAK

Twin Angels BREAKTwin Angels BREAK is a 12-episode magical girl anime series that was produced by J.C.Staff. The writer for the series was Michiko Itou, whilst the director was Yoshiaki Iwasaki.
Twin Angels BREAK aired during the spring 2017 season of anime, and is available on Crunchyroll.

Meguru & Sumire

Main characters Meguru & Sumire, as well as Miruku

Twin Angels BREAK focuses on two schoolgirls: Meguru Amatsuki and Sumire Kisaragi. The cheerful and energetic Meguru aspires to be a hero of justice, whilst Sumire is more stoic and not really used to being around others.
A mysterious hedgehog called Miruku appears before them and grants them the power to turn into Twin Angels in order to fight the forces of evil.
Meguru and Sumire have their differences, but as they work alongside each other they begin to open up more.

Twin Angel

Angel Rose & Angel Sapphire, the Twin Angels

Twin Angels BREAK is a magical girl show, and actually a sequel to the original Twin Angel series. Meguru and Sumire’s story is pretty much their own, but viewers who have seen the original will probably get a lot more out of this series than those who haven’t.

The first few episodes of Twin Angels BREAK are really quite rough. There isn’t much there to make the series stand out. Over the course of the first four episodes, the antagonists Twin Angel fight are either gone within one episode, or just incredibly annoying.
Fortunately, things pick up from episode 5 onwards.

The Twenty-Eights

Veil and Nui, the Twenty-Eights

Twin Angel find themselves facing two new antagonists, and Veil and Nui happen to be far better characters than John Garabushi and Billy ever were. For a start, they happen to be more intelligent than the earlier antagonists, and it also helps that they have qualities that actually make them likeable.

It’s not just likeable villains that help improve the second half of the show. There is some intrigue there with hints at memories Meguru and Sumire have, as well as quite an interesting friendship that develops.

Miruku & Dog

Run-Run playing with Miruku

Fairly early on, Meguru and Sumire adopt a dog and name him Run-Run. Whilst he does serve to help Meguru and Sumire become a little closer, he has very little impact on the plot – well, there is one moment during the second half that leads to a revelation.
A second dog gets introduced later on as well, but ultimately nothing ever really happens with them. They don’t even get to appear during the final few episodes.

The animation quality isn’t exactly the greatest; it’s most iffy early on. As the series goes on it does improve slightly, but it’s not exactly the best in the world. Transformation sequences look fine, and play out in typical magical girl style.

Twin Angels BREAK‘s soundtrack is rather forgettable. The only songs that stick firmly in mind are the opening and closing themes; everything else doesn’t leave much of an impression.

Score: 7/10
Twin Angels BREAK has a weak beginning, but get past that and you’ll find a perfectly serviceable magical girl show.

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