Twin Angels BREAK Episode 11: Kindly Go To Hell

People start gathering on Chiichi Island in episode 11 of Twin Angels BREAK. However, Meguru’s homecoming isn’t exactly the most happiest of circumstances…

Chiichi Island

Sumire & Miruku arrive on Chiichi Island

Mary is completely aware of Sumire’s arrival on the island, and she intends to use that to her advantage.
As Sumire looks for Meguru, she remembers that she has been to the island before.

12 Years Ago

Meguru and Sumire met 12 years ago, seemingly due to some kind of incident

As Sumire continues her search for Meguru, she encounters a familiar foe.

Sumire vs John.jpg

John Garabushi makes a return

John is much more powerful than in his initial appearance, thanks to the medals that Meguru is being forced to power up. Mary lets Meguru see Angel Sapphire struggling against John.


Meguru wishes that she could just disappear

The sadder that Meguru feels, the more powerful the medals become.
When Angel Sapphire is forced to take cover from John’s attacks, she ends up finding herself with an unlikely ally.


Billy keeps John occupied so Angel Sapphire can keep moving forward

Angel Sapphire seizes the opportunity, and rushes deeper into the cave. She cuts down foe after, but ultimately runs head-first into a trap.


Angel Sapphire is being held in place by her legs

Angel Sapphire tries to break the things holding her, but Mary reveals she has the previous Twin Angel captive. If Angel Sapphire goes ahead with her plan, her predecessors will explode.
Angel Sapphire has to rely on Miruku to try and save the previous Twin Angel before she can escape; fortunately there’s a conveniently placed air vent in the room she’s trapped in. Oh, but if Miruku doesn’t go fast enough, Angel Sapphire will drown.
After some guidance from a pigeon, Miruku is able to find Aoi and Haruka – the previous Twin Angel. Her attempt to revive them doesn’t go too well.


Mary takes Meguru outside to the Kisaragi Shrine

Upon realising she’s on Chiichi Island and seeing the shrine, Meguru knows that she should not be there.

Twin Angel.jpg

Miruku is able to successfully revive the previous Twin Angel

Miruku, Aoi and Haruka save Sumire from her predicament. They head off to go and save Meguru.

Misty Knight.jpg

To the surprise of no one, Yuito is still alive

I imagine seeing the previous Twin Angel back in action will be pleasing to fans who have seen the prior season. I haven’t, but I can certainly appreciate seeing Miruku complete her objective and reunite with her friends.
I wasn’t too keen on the way Sumire just accepted her fate when she got caught in that trap. The whole point of her going to Chiichi Island was to save Meguru, yet she’s willing to give up at almost the drop of a hat…
Mary also seemed to have dropped the ball; she failed to notice that Miruku disappeared after Sumire was trapped, and keeping the previous Twin Angel on Chiichi Island is only asking for trouble.
Oh yeah, Misty Knight is back. In other news, the sky is blue…

Whilst having the previous Twin Angel return is neat, I do hope that they only have a supporting role for the climax. This is the story of Meguru and Sumire, after all. I’m intrigued to see how Meguru and Sumire came to meet 12 years ago, and it’s very likely Mary will achieve her objective so Twin Angel and their allies have a “final boss” to fight, as it were.

This episode was pretty all right overall. Everything’s pretty much in place for the finale right now, so things may get even better next time.

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