Seven Mortal Sins Episode 9: Gates of Hell

In episode 9 of Seven Mortal Sins, Lucifer ventures back into Hell. Naturally, Belial just won’t allow her to walk back in like that.

NSFW Warning

Belial & Michael

Belial seems to be collaborating with Heaven for some reason

After that scene, Satan has to report to Belial.


Belial is less than pleased with Satan’s efforts

Lucifer and Leviathan make their way down into Hell, where Satan greets them at the gates. Lucifer also brings a couple of followers along with her.


Lucifer manages to amass at least ten million followers

With those followers, Lucifer is deemed worthy to enter Hell and Satan just lets her in – going against what Belial told to her earlier.

Mortal Sins.jpg

Belial gathers the Mortal Sins

Most of the Sins have no intention of listening to or obeying Belial anymore. Astaroth is an exception to that, as she feels indebted to Belial.


I hope this isn’t Maria’s role for the rest of the series…

Lucifer and Leviathan encounter Charon, who is basically a perverted old man. The less said about that whole encounter the better, though one positive thing to come from it is Leviathan actually being able to claim a victory for once.

Lucifer & Mortal Sins.jpg

The Mortal Sins gather around Lucifer, who drops quite the bombshell


When Beelzebub is happy, I’m happy

To sum things up, both Hell and Earth find themselves in danger, and Lucifer intends to do something about that. Most of the other Mortal Sins decide to go along with Lucifer, but Astaroth has trouble believing that Belial would lie to her.
Leviathan chooses to fight Astaroth so Lucifer can go on ahead. Lucifer thanks Leviathan for her help, and Leviathan reacts in typical Leviathan fashion.

Lucifer's Thanks.jpg

Leviathan really loves Lucifer

The episode ends as Leviathan prepares to face Astaroth.

Without a doubt, the worst part of this episode was Charon. That was just completely pointless.
I also don’t like how Maria is pretty much just a damsel in distress at the moment. I definitely prefer seeing her together with Lucifer and Leviathan.
Aside from those things, the episode was all right. We got an idea of what Belial is working towards, as well as how Lucifer plans to respond to that.

Hopefully next time we’ll see Leviathan fight against Astaroth, and maybe knock some sense into her.

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