Nintendo E3 Spotlight 2017 Speculation

Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017E3 is currently happening in Los Angeles right now, and as such several major video game companies will be showcasing upcoming games. One of them is Nintendo, and being an owner of both a Switch and 3DS, I’ll be checking out the Nintendo Spotlight when it airs on 13/06/2017 at 5 P.M. UK time.
I always enjoy speculating about what we will be shown with these kinds of presentations, so that’s exactly what this post is for. I may even throw in some completely out-there suggestions because why not?Might as well start with what we know we will be seeing: Super Mario Odyssey. The next Super Mario game is pretty much Nintendo’s main attraction at E3, so it’s pretty much a given we’ll get at least a new trailer for it.Switch Partners
As you can see above, there’s a sizeable number of third party developers that will be developing games for the Switch. At this point, we’re know Bethesda is bringing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to the Switch, and EA are on board with FIFA 18.
Rather than what I know is coming out, however, I figured I’d pick out a couple of names from those seen above. First up, FromSoftware are on that list, which could potentially mean a Dark Souls game will be making its way to the Switch.
When it comes to 2d fighting games, Arc System Works arguably produce the finest. A BlazBlue title will be coming to Switch, but that’s about all anyone knows at the moment.
Platinum Games being up there means we’ll probably be getting some mighty fine action games; perhaps Bayonetta 3? Ot maybe a Switch port of the first two games.
Everyone already knows about Ubisoft’s upcoming Switch game because the internet can’t keep a secret to save its life. Either way, I’m indifferent towards it.
I’m sure there are other theories as to what games may be released for the Switch from the companies listed above – and perhaps other third-party companies not listed.

However, when you own a Nintendo console, the reason for that is most likely for the Nintendo games. It’s great to see the third-party support, but only Nintendo can produce that Nintendo magic.
So, what would I like to see from Nintendo?
Well, let’s start with more information on titles that we know that exist. The Nintendo Switch entry of Fire Emblem is still a long ways-off, but I’d take a teaser for that. Looking at games that are closer to release, more information regarding Fire Emblem Warriors is almost a certain – I’m particularly keen to see who will be playable.

Another upcoming Switch title I’m excited for is Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The original Xenoblade Chronicles may just be up there as my favourite RPG of all-time, and the Wii U’s Xenoblade Chronicle X was an enjoyable experience as well. I just hope that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a cast of British voice actors…

ARMS and Splatoon 2 will be released within the next couple of months, so I imagine they’ll be mentioned – ideally just as a reminder of their release dates, allowing more time for other titles.

Can’t discuss upcoming Nintendo games without the obligatory Metroid and F-Zero mentions. Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX both looked very good on the GameCube, so just imagine what HD entries in those series could be like.

Now for some more out-there speculations: how about a Nintendo Switch -exclusive Symphogear game? The likelihood of that happening is very close to zero but that’s sort of the point with wild, baseless speculation like this.
With One Piece: Unlimited World Red and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 being released on the Switch, we will be seeing some anime games at least – but I don’t think they’ll be showcased in this presentation.
I will admit that Dragon Ball FighterZ looks pretty rad, but that was only confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC. I don’t mind missing out on that too much, unless Caulifla and Kale end up being part of the roster.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a full-fledged Senran Kagura game for the Switch – or, let’s push the boat out a bit here – a new entry in the Valkyrie Drive series. There is the upcoming Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, but that’s not quite the hack-and-slash action I’m hoping for.

There will almost certainly be a section dedicated to indie games for the Switch (and possibly 3DS as well), which could show off several interesting titles. With these types of things, Nintendo tends to have a few surprises as well so I wouldn’t be surprised if something is released on the eShop right after the presentation ends.

That’s just some of the things I’d like to see, ranging from certain to practically impossible. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the E3 spotlight after I’ve watched it.
There will also be a Nintendo Treehouse stream afterwards, which will have announcements. I don’t think I’ll be watching that, as I like to experience new games with as little information as possible. Though I guess if there is anything that I get the urge to learn more about as soon as possible, I may check it out.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Nintendo will show off during the presentation, whether it’s stuff I mentioned here or not. No matter what happens, people will complain about it – I won’t be one of them. Video games are meant to be enjoyed, and seeing future releases is part of that.

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