Twin Angels BREAK Episode 10: Deep Sorrow

After the events of the previous episode of Twin Angels BREAK, Meguru is feeling quite down. This gives the enemy a chance to make their move.


Meguru blames herself for the fate of Veil and Nui

Meguru has been hit hard by the loss of the Twenty-Eights, which seems to be causing her quite some pain in her chest.
Whenever someone asks Meguru if she is all right, she just says that she is even though it is obvious that she is anything but. It gets so bad during school that she is sent to the nurse’s office.

Dark Energy.jpg

Through Mary’s vision we can see some kind of dark energy within Meguru

Oginome-sensei sends Meguru home. Sumire offers to accompany her, but Meguru insists that it’s nothing to be concerned about.


Sumire tells Miruku that she wants to help Meguru

Sumire wants to help Meguru out, but she has no idea what she can do. She asks Miruku for advice, who brings up the first meeting between the two girls; even though Sumire ignored Meguru at first, Meguru continued trying to reach out to her. Miruku suggests that Sumire should do the same.


Sumire tries to help Meguru

Unfortunately, Sumire’s efforts to reach out to Meguru don’t quite work out. Meguru snaps at Sumire and then runs off.
Meanwhile, Nagatsuki contacts Miruku about a message he received from Yuito about the enemy. Yuito’s whereabouts are still unknown at the moment, but he acquired intel about Chiichi Island and Meguru.


Meguru’s pain becomes too much to bare

Oginome-sensei appears before Meguru when she is alone, and says stuff that further agitates the pain she’s feeling. It soon proves too much, and Meguru falls unconscious. Oginome-sensei then abducts Meguru.
Miruku contacts Sumire to ask where Meguru is, but it’s too late. The two go searching for her.

Sumire meets Nagatsuki.jpg

Sumire meets Nagatsuki

Nagatsuki tells Sumire that it is likely that Meguru is no longer in Tokyo. He takes Sumire and Miruku to the estate where the situation concerning Meguru gets explained.

Sakie & Misae Kannazuki.jpg

Sisters and former Twin Angels, Sakie and Misae Kannazuki

The Kannazuki sisters explain to Sumire that the Amatsuki, Kannazuki and Minazuki families used to be known as messengers of Heaven, protecting Earth. With the power of the gods, they purged evil. However, a member of the Amatsuki family fell prey to a demon’s temptation, and as such a darkness has come to dwell within the members of the Amatsuki family – Meguru included.
Despite that, Meguru was chosen as a Twin Angel because she was the only other person who could fulfil that role beside Sumire after the previous Twin Angel fell into enemy hands.
The enemy plans to use the darkness inside Meguru to enhance the purity of the medals in order to revive the Great Demon Lord Zelucifer.
The Kannazuki sisters have requested help from the Italy branch, and they tell Sumire to wait. Sumire has no intention of doing that.


Sumire makes it clear that she’s going to rescue Meguru

Miruku also chooses to accompany Sumire, and there’s no objections. In fact, Nagatsuki even has a jet ready to get them over to Chiichi Island as quick as possible. After Sumire leaves, it seems that both Sakie and Misae approve of her.

Mary & Meguru.jpg

Oginome-sensei reveals her true identity to the captive Meguru

Using the dark power within Meguru, Mary begins to enhance the medals just as the Kannazuki sisters said she would. It seems to be quite a painful process, and Mary has no small number of medals to enhance.
The episode ends with Billy emerging from the sea and proclaiming that he will have his revenge, presumably against Mary.

I enjoyed this episode, though I do have a couple of minor complaints about it – Meguru pushing everyone away irked me for a start. I was initially a bit annoyed by Sumire’s lack of action as well, but considering she had no idea how to approach the situation I’m willing to forgive that. At least she got advice from Miruku.
The other thing I’m not keen on is the return of Billy.

The dark power within the Amatsuki family is quite an interesting thing – we knew that there was some kind of secret about Meguru, but I didn’t expect it to be that.
Of course, there was a fair bit of exposition in this episode as well – I guess that does mean it is out of the way and the final few episodes can focus on what might possibly turn out to be the final battle.

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