Seven Mortal Sins Episode 8: Greatest Power on Earth

Shortly after she fell to Hell, Lucifer clashed with the Demon Lord of Wrath, Satan. She’s back for a second round in episode 8 of Seven Mortal Sins.

NSFW Warning

Belial and Satan

Belial informs Satan of Beelzebub’s ‘defeat’

This episode kicks off at the Gates of Hell, where Belial drops by to tell Satan about Lucifer’s victory over Beelzebub. Satan does not take kindly to the news.

Lucifer and Beelzebub.jpg

Beelzebub returns

Lucifer is worried about Maria, but Beelzebub is there to assure her that Maria will be fine.


Leviathan is less than happy to see Beelzebub come back

It isn’t too long before Satan drops by in order to punish Lucifer, and take Beelzebub back to Hell. Beelzebub actually likes being with Lucifer, which doesn’t please Satan too much.

Satan and Beelzebub

Satan grabs Beelzebub

By Lucifer's side.jpg

Beelzebub seems more comfortable at Lucifer’s side – which leaves Satan feeling envy

Beelzebub remains reluctant. Leviathan decides to challenge Satan on behalf of Lucifer.


Maria being held captive by Belial

In Pandemonium, Maria awakens to discover she is being held prisoner by Belial. Belial wants to find out why Lucifer is interested in a human. She suspects it has something to do with Heaven.


Leviathan summons some help to fight Satan

With her whale summon, Leviathan is able to have her fight move over the ocean. Despite that, Satan proves to be far too powerful. Lucifer acknowledges that as well, but Beelzebub is there to offer her some support.


Beelzebub offers Lucifer some meat

Lucifer accepts Beelzebub’s offer, and says that all she can do is fight with everything she’s got. A quick change of scenery later, and Satan brings along some allies in order to put an end to Lucifer.

Aerial & Naval forces.jpg

Satan brings some military might along with her

Lucifer cuts through battleships, aircraft carriers and jets with relative ease. Of course, it also helps that she seems to be immune to bullets.

Leviathan & Beelzebub.jpg

Beelzebub tends to Leviathan

I don’t know, this seems like a missed opportunity for some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Instead, Beelzebub chants a spell and Leviathan rises from the sea complete with a new outfit.

Leviathan new look.jpg

Leviathan’s new outfit

Despite her new look and reinforcements, Leviathan ends up getting blown away when Lucifer and Satan clash. Since Earth is under threat from their battle, they decide to take their battle to a place where they won’t attract the attention of humans.


Satan and Lucifer take their fight to the moon

Before they fight, Satan releases Lucifer from her commandment. Belial isn’t best pleased by that. With that out of the way, they begin their fight.
Both sides fight with everything they have, but there can only be one victor. Regardless, it’s a pretty great battle.

This episode was pretty great. For a start, we got to see Beelzebub again – it was a pleasant surprise to have her back so soon. Leviathan got to demonstrate her power, even though she didn’t really stand a chance against the wrath-powered Satan.
There was some impressive action on show here as well, particularly with Lucifer cutting her way through battleships and planes. The fight between Lucifer and Satan on the moon is just the kind of absurd action sequence I love seeing in anime, and that certainly helps to make this episode one of my favourites from the entire series so far.

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2 Responses to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 8: Greatest Power on Earth

  1. OG-Man says:

    Here’s hoping we get more Satan X Beelzebub later on.

    Yeah this episode was most likely a response to people saying there wasn’t enough Demon vs Demon Combat. We got it here and it was awesome.

    Can’t wait for next time.

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