New PV and Additional Cast Revealed for Princess Principal

If you were to ask me what my most anticipated anime for the summer season is, I would tell you that it is Symphogear AXZ, followed closely by NEW GAME!!. However, if you limited me to original series only – i.e. no sequels – than I’d have to say it would be Studio 3Hz’s upcoming Princess Principal anime.
The official website for the anime has started to stream the second promotional video for the series, which reveals the additional cast and premiere date.
If you want to see the first PV as well as the main cast, click here.

The additional cast are as follows:


Takayuki Sugo as L

L is the leader of Control, the Commonwealth spy ring that has infiltrated Kingdom territory. He is a man of few words, and is always calm as he gives Angie’s group their orders.


Miyuki Sawashiro as 7

7 is an information analyst and data analyst and interpreter. She is able to deal with unexpected events without letting her personal feelings get in the way.

The Colonel

Takumi Yamazuki as The Colonel

The Colonel is a military officer sent to oversee Control. He thinks highly of the military’s direct power, and looks down on a spy’s subversive methods.

Duke Normandy

Takaya Hashi as Duke Normandy

A duke appointed as the minister of the interior. Duke Normandy holds power within law enforcement circles, and is one of the few people that can offer his honest opinion on matters to the queen.


Yuko Iida as Gazelle

Gazelle is Duke Normandy’s secretary. Her beauty belies her ruthless devotion to her duty, which she carries out on her own initiative.

Princess Principal is due to air on July 9th.

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