New Symphogear AXZ Visual and Cast Additions

AXZlogoThe official website for the fourth season of Symphogear, Symphogear AXZ, has updated with three additional cast members, a new key visual and the premiere date.

key-visual.jpgThe new cast:


Saint-Germain, voiced by Minako Kotobuki

Saint-Germain is a beautiful female alchemist who dresses as a man and aims for perfection.


Cagliostro, voiced by Shouta Aoi

The alchemist Cagliostro used to be male until he met Saint-Germain and achieved a ‘perfect’, eternally youthful female body. Calgiostro used to be a swindler, but is now honest about everything.


Prelati, voiced by Rina Hidaka

Prelati also used to be male before meeting Saint-Germain and attaining a perfect female body. Prelati used to be a showy pleasure-seeker, but now works diligently as a researcher.

The returning cast looks like this:

Aoi Yūki as Hibiki Tachibana


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nana Mizuki as Tsubasa Kazanari


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Ayahi Takagaki as Chris Yukine


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Yōko Hikasa as Maria Cadenzavna Eve


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Yoshino Nanjō as Shirabe Tsukuyomi


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Ai Kayano as Kirika Akatsuki


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Yuka Iguchi as Miku KohinataMikuMisaki Kuno as ElfneinElfneinHideo Ishikawa as Genjūrō KazanariGenjuro
Souichiro Hoshi as Shinji OgawaShinjiKenji Akabane as Sakuya FujitakaSakuya
Asami Seto as Aoi TomosatoAoi
The director of Symphogear G and GX, Katsumi Ono, is returning to direct AXZ, again at Satelight. Elements Garden is handling the music.

I have to say, I really quite like those S.O.N.G. uniforms. Anyways, Symphogear AXZ is due to premire on July 1st. I’m certainly looking forward to it – it is my top pick for the summer season of anime, after all.


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