MCM London Comic Con May 2017 Stuff Addendum: Stylet Frame Arms Girl

If you recall my MCM London Comic Con May 2017 Stuff post, you’ll have seen that I brought myself a Frame Arms Girl model kit.


More specifically, the Stylet Frame Arms Girl Non Scale Full Action Plastic Model Kit

I’ve spent a few hours here and there over the past week putting her together, and as promised I’ll be sharing the results of what I’ve achieved here. One thing to note is that I don’t have any paints, nor have I applied any decals, so she won’t be looking exactly the way she does on the box there.


Stylet with her Gatling Gun and Hand Missile

Initially I was a bit wary about removing the various pieces from the sprues, since screwing up would have meant having fifty quid go down the drain. However, after acquiring some nail clippers – because I wouldn’t even know where to look to get nippers – I just went ahead with putting Stylet together.


Stylet with her Japanese Sword, as it says in the instruction manual

Though the instructions are only in Japanese, the pictures make it easy enough to follow along and all the different pieces are labelled with numbers so it wasn’t too hard to find the specific pieces I needed at any given time.


How about a dual-wielding Stylet?

It did get a little fiddly time at times, with Stylet’s frilly white collar thing probably giving me the most trouble. I don’t think I quite have it attached properly, but Stylet’s head keeps it in place.
Her chest plate also has a tendency to fall off when I try changing her pose, but it’s super simple to reattach.
Getting her to stand up without the base seen in her Gatling Gun + Hand Missile pose can also be a bit of a task at times – you have to make sure her legs are just wide enough apart.


Here’s an attempt to recreate her pose from the front of the box

Though I may have a few issues, none of them are anything major and I’m happy with my purchase. I’ll happily display her alongside my other anime figures.
I’d happily build another Frame Arms Girl. I can’t let Stylet be the only one – perhaps I should look into buying Gourai to keep her some company.
Honestly, I think I’d be happy with any of the other Frame Arms Girls. Seeing Stylet come together was satisfying, so I know that I would enjoy assembling any of the others.

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