Seven Mortal Sins Episode 7: Thanks for the Food

In the seventh episode of Seven Mortal Sins, Lucifer goes up against the Demon Lord of Gluttony. What better way to challenge her than with an eating contest?

NSFW Warning


The Demon Lord of Gluttony, Beelzebub

Beelzebub throws a gluttonous dinner party, but it doesn’t take long for some uninvited guests to crash it.

Maria, Lucifer and Leviathan.jpg

Maria, Lucifer and Leviathan just turn up

Lucifer challenges Beelzebub to an eating contest.

Eating Contest.jpg

Lucifer’s stomach starts to play up

The contest ultimately ends in a draw, though afterwards Lucifer rushes to the bathroom. Apparently it’s possible for demons to become hospitalised, because that’s exactly what happens to Lucifer.


Lucifer managed to catch a stomach flu virus

With Lucifer hospitalised, she is left with little other choice but to rely on Maria and Leviathan. Being stuck in a hospital drives Lucifer crazy, and her medicine doesn’t seem to work either.


Lucifer is given a suppository

After that, Maria and Leviathan depart for the night leaving Lucifer alone. An unconscious Lucifer is left at Belial’s mercy, who claims something from her.

Stolen heart.jpg

Belial steals Maria’s heart

Lucifer decides to not tell Maria about her heart. She does tell Maria that she is grateful for her help. Of course, Maria finds this uncharacteristic of Lucifer and hopes she gets better soon.
Lucifer finds herself with a new neighbour in the bed next to hers.

Lucifer & Beelzebub

Lucifer and Beelzebub actually get along

Both still remain in the hospital for a while longer, and Lucifer needs to continue relying on Maria and Leviathan. Of course, when the time comes for Lucifer to take a bath, Leviathan is all too eager to help her out.


Leviathan can’t hold herself back

Leviathan opens up to Lucifer about how she feels, and straight out confesses that she loves Lucifer. She must have struck a chord, because:

Leviathan & Lucifer.jpg

Lucifer allows Leviathan to sleep together with her

Unfortunately, Leviathan ends up spoiling things for herself…
Anyway, thanks to Beelzebub, Lucifer is able to discover the joy of the taste of simple hospital foods. Before long, both are discharged at the same time. They decide to celebrate that by going out to eat a meal together.


Beelzebub is willing to give up her throne

Lucifer says that she doesn’t need the throne, as all will change once the time comes. Instead, she just wants to focus on celebrating their recovery.
After the meal, Lucifer gives Beelzebub a chain to wear around her neck and tells her to just do as she has been doing. Beelzebub accepts the gift and says that she’ll be waiting, hungry in Hell.
As Lucifer and Leviathan walk off, Belial suddenly appears in front of Maria. When Lucifer turns around, Maria is no longer anywhere to be seen.

That’s it for this episode of Seven Mortal Sins, and I feel that this has been another decent episode. Perhaps its just because I actually like the Demon Lords that Lucifer has challenged in the episodes since the recap.
I really like Beelzebub – as far as Demon Lords go, she’s just behind Leviathan as my favourite. Anyone who can appreciate food is someone I can appreciate. It also helps that she seems like a nice person.
For an episode called “Guiltless Gluttony” I do feel that Beelzebub could have had more screentime. Fortunately, it seems that Lucifer has a plan for her that means we’ll be seeing her again soon enough.
I’m glad Leviathan reconfirmed her love for Lucifer in this episode, as well. For the past few episodes, she has just sort of been there. Being the Demon Lord of Envy she still has some jealousy going on – particular towards Beelzebub in this episode. However, Lucifer might just have been invoking that on purpose after what Leviathan did in her bed…
At least Leviathan seems to be getting along with Maria much more now.
It was also nice to see Lucifer express her gratitude for Maria’s support, no matter how uncharacteristic of her that was.
This and the previous episode are definitely amongst my favourites so far. If the rest are like those two all the way up to the finale, then I’ll certainly be happy.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 7: Thanks for the Food

  1. OG-Man says:

    My one nitpick is the same as last time, we didn’t get to see Beelzebub topless/naked. Again the ED doesn’t count. Otherwise it was a good episode and Levi’s short-lived victory was sweet. Hopefully this means she still has a chance.

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