Toji no Miko Main Characters Revealed

I’m a little late on sharing this news on here – I’ll think I’ll blame Comic Con for that one. Still, as the old adage goes, better late than never. Toji no Miko is about sword-wielding shrine maidens, and the official website revealed the four main characters a few days ago.

Kanami Etou

Kanami Etou

Kanami is a 13 year old second-year student in the middle division of Minoseki Academy. Her sword is Chidori. She is skilled enough with her sword to be the representative for her school. Kanami is cheerful and positive and has plenty of friends. Being an enthusiast of sword techniques, she loves sword matches.

Hiyori Juujou

Hiyori Juujou

Hiyori is a 14-year old third-year student in the middle division of Hiragi Gakukan. Her sword is Kogarasumaru. Hiyori is serious, cool and stoic. Among the Toji, Hiyori has the strongest sense of responsibility. Once she decides on something, she is unyielding. Her sword skills centre on speed, and also happen to be among the best.

Mai Yanase

Mai Yanase

Mai is a 13-year old second-year student in the middle division of Minoseki Academy. Her sword is Magoroku Kanemoto. Mai and her younger sister are the daughters of the leader of the rising “Yanase Group” conglomerate. She is a typical big sister who is very caring, and she also has superior sword skills. Her hobby is making sweets.

Sayaka Itomi

Sayaka Itomi

Sayaka is a 12-year old first-year student in the middle division of Kamabu Girls Academy. Her sword is Myōhō Muramasa. Though she is young, she is a genius Toji. She is able to handle her duties with ease, but has trouble communicating with the people around her.

Pretty typical character traits on display here, particularly when it comes to anime characters. Still, I know that I’ll probably watch this regardless – shrine maidens wielding swords still appeals to me. I just hope that we get to see some good sword fights.


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