KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 17: No Expiration Date

Julio has one final experiment to do in the seventeenth episode of PreCure ☆ a la Mode. The target for said experiment is none other than Ichika herself.

Ichika's mum.jpg

Ichika’s mum

The episode starts by showing us Ichika’s mum, who is preparing something special to send to her daughter.
Meanwhile, Pekorin tells Himari and Aoi that Yukari has something important to tell to everyone. However, Ichika will be running late.

Rio and Ichika

Ichika encounters Rio whilst shopping

Ichika is picking up ingredients to make biscuits to send to her mum, and of course Rio happens to show up. Ichika ends up dragging him around whilst shopping and he ends up accompanying her to her home.


Ichika receives madeleines from her mum

There is also a letter included in the package. Ichika believes there is a lot of love put into the madeleines, but Rio doesn’t. He outright says that he hates sweets and takes advantage of having Ichika alone.


Ichika after having her kira-kiraru stolen

Yukari and the others arrive at Ichika’s place, but they’re too late. Rio taunts them from the rooftop, and then prepares to fight the Cures.

Dark Candy Rod.jpg

Julio’s weapon of choice is a dark version of the Candy Rod

4 Cures.jpg

Four out of five Cures transform to take on Julio

Using Ichika’s stolen kira-kiraru, Julio is somehow able to use all of the Cures’ special attacks. Whilst they fight, Pekorin takes Ichika inside to try and get her back to normal.

Making cookies

Pekorin helps Ichika to make biscuits to try and get her back to normal

Seeing that Ichika bought ingredients to make biscuits, Pekorin gets Ichika to start making them. As Ichika does so, she briefly recalls putting her feelings into making other sweets – though they are only brief memories.

Ichika returns.jpg

Thanks to memories of her mum, Ichika returns to normal

Whilst the other Cures continue to struggle against Julio, Ichika just continues making biscuits.

Bunny cookie.jpg

The finished product

The finished cookies give off a lot of kira-kiraru, and Cure Whip finally decides to join the fight against Julio.

Cure Whip.jpg

Cure Whip arrives

She also brings an insert song along with her, which might explain why she remains silent for a fair chunk of the fight. From that point on, the fight pretty much follows standard procedure – except Julio is unable to retreat this time.


Julio is defeated, but he still hates sweets

Oh, wait, never mind – Julio does retreat after all. With his defeat at the hand of the Cures, a new enemy appears.


The Cures’ next foe

This episode wasn’t too bad I suppose. Ichika still hasn’t really done anything for me to find her as interesting as her fellow Cures. If I had to describe this episode, I’d probably call it standard Pretty Cure fare. I didn’t find it as engaging as the episodes that came before it.
It appears that Julio is stepping down as a villain for now, at least. I never really thought much of him. There was a hint at his motivation in this episode, but it hasn’t really been made clear what he hoped to achieve with his experiments.

Also, for anyone confused as to why I’m referring to what Ichika makes as biscuits – well, I’m British and to me a cookie is not what Ichika makes in this episode.

Next episode will introduce a new villain for the Cures to take on. Hopefully I’ll find her more interesting than Julio.

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1 Response to KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 17: No Expiration Date

  1. OG-Man says:

    I look forward to seeing Julio’s replacement in action. I’m also interesting in learning more about Julio and the mystery girl.

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