Dragon Ball Super Episode 92: All Tingly-Like

Starting to write episodic posts about a show that is ninety-two episodes into its run might seem like an odd decision, but I’ll sort of be going ahead with it anyway. Rather than focus on the whole episode however, it is just one scene in particular I want to talk about. A scene that people have been waiting for a very long time to see – if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know exactly what it is.The particular scene I’ll be focusing on takes us to Universe 6.

Caulifla & Kale

Caulifla tells Cabba to hurry up and show her Super Saiyan whilst Kale watches on

Previously, Cabba was scouting warriors for Universe 6’s Tournament of Power team, and he approached a Saiyan named Renso. Unfortunately, Renso turned down Cabba’s invitation due to an injury, but he did suggest that his younger sister enter in his stead. According to Renso, his younger sister, Caulifla, has far greater potential than he does.
When Cabba initially asks Caulifla, she turns him down. However, Cabba shows her the Super Saiyan transformation and offers to teach it to her.

Super Saiyan Cabba

Cabba shows Caulifla the Super Saiyan transformation a second time


Caulifla’s reaction upon seeing Super Saiyan

Caulifla is impressed by the power of a Super Saiyan and is eager to learn. Cabba tries to anger Caulifla by mildly insulting her. Vegeta managed to unlock Cabba’s Super Saiyan power by threatening to destroy everything he held dear when Universe 7 fought Universe 6. Here, Cabba just calls Caulifla ‘blockhead’ and ‘dummy’.
Though Caulifla does get mad, it doesn’t really help.


Cabba suggests focusing strength in the back

Caulifla focuses

Caulifla focuses her strength in her back

Super Saiyan Caulifla.jpg

Caulifla becomes a Super Saiyan for a few moments

Caulifla achieves the Super Saiyan transformation for a few moments. Both Cabba and Kale are impressed by the transformation. Caulifla reverts to her normal self, but goes Super Saiyan again shortly afterwards.

Overflowing Power.jpg

Caulifla feels overflowing power


Caulifla demonstrates her new power

With the Super Saiyan transformation, Caulifla is confident that she could beat Cabba. Cabba agrees. After asking how to change back, Caulifla undoes her Super Saiyan transformation. Cabba warns her that the transformation can be draining, so she should be careful.
Caulifla then agrees to join Universe 6’s Tournament of Power team, and she’ll be bringing someone else along with her too.


Caulifla’s protégée, Kale

Kale was the name I used for my custom female Saiyan character in Dragon Ball Fusions. Guess I’m gonna have to come up with a different one if I get around to picking up Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for the Nintendo Switch…
Caulifla tells Kale to try doing the ‘tingly-like’ thing as well, but Kale is reluctant to do so.
That brings this scene to an end.

Super Saiyan Kale.jpg

Going by the preview for the next episode, I guess I’ll be making another Dragon Ball Super post next week

There we have it; one of the two female Super Saiyans introduced by Dragon Ball Super. Safe to say that I like Caulifla – in fact, I feel like I might end up cheering for Universe 6 during the Tournament of Power…
I guess Renso wasn’t lying when he mentioned his sister’s potential – she easily achieved Super Saiyan form without the need to trigger it with anger. The energy blast she fired was certainly impressive, and I look forward to seeing how her power compares to the other Tournament of Power combatants.
I would like to learn more about the relationship between Caulifla and Kale – how did the timid Saiyan come to join a gang of delinquents and be considered the leader’s protegée? Maybe the next episode will offer an explanation.

I’ve been enjoying Dragon Ball Super quite a bit as I’ve been watching it, even with stuff that other fans have been complaining about. Maybe they’re just a vocal minority, who knows?
Though I suppose the decision to bring back a certain character does strike me as questionable, but I’m willing to overlook it as long as the female Super Saiyans perform well in the Tournament of Power.

For future reference, I’ll be making these Dragon Ball Super posts whenever Caulifla and/or Kale do anything noteworthy. I feel confident in saying that anime history has been made with this episode of Dragon Ball Super and that is something certainly worth talking about.

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1 Response to Dragon Ball Super Episode 92: All Tingly-Like

  1. OG-Man says:

    I find it amusing the fanbase is busy throwing fits over a certain character coming back instead of celebrating the historic occasion. Anyhoo I got what I came for from this episode and will continue waiting for the dubs to catch up.

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