Twin Angels BREAK Episode 8: I Just Want to Get Along with Everyone

Meguru discovers something about Veil in the eighth episode of Twin Angels BREAK, whilst it seems everyone else is withholding information regarding certain topics.


Koromi’s running gag gets me every time

Meguru’s friendship with Veil continues to develop, and they even go as far as making matching bracelets for each other. Meanwhile, Sumire remains rather quiet about the whole matter.
Trouble arises, and we get a transformation sequence after they’ve been absent for the past couple of episodes.

Nui vs Angel Sapphire.jpg

Nui fights Angel Sapphire

Whilst Angel Rose fights with Veil, Angel Sapphire takes on Nui. It is through their battle that Angel Rose and Nui release just who they are. Once he’s obtained the information he needs, Nui calls for a retreat. Once Nui and Veil leave, Twin Angel detox those affected.


Yuito never was brainwashed – he’s just been playing along with Mary

Nasty Knight – or rather Yuito, now that we know he isn’t brainwashed – goes to Chiichi Island in search of the Kisaragi Shrine to find information about Meguru. He’s supposed to report it to Mary once he finds it, but he has no intention of doing so.


Here’s our regularly scheduled bath scene

Sumire tells Meguru that she shouldn’t get involved any further with Veil, though she doesn’t tell her why. It’s frustrating when characters withhold information from their allies…
On the flip side, Veil pretty much tells Nui the same thing about Meguru. He tells her that she shouldn’t spend any more time with Meguru. Of course, Meguru and Sumire happen to pass at that point whilst walking their dogs, so Veil runs up to them to ask why she shouldn’t spend time with Meguru.
One moment of distraction later, Run-Run ends up running into the road. Veil reacts quickly to save him from an oncoming lorry, but she doesn’t escape unscathed.

Veil injured.jpg

Veil’s secret revealed

Nui grabs Veil and they return home, where he repairs her. We also get some more of their backstory.
Getting Veil's address.jpgWhen neither Nui nor Veil turn up to school the next day, Meguru asks Oginome-sensei for their address. She willingly gives it to her, and Meguru sets off to go meet with her after.
Sumire tries to stop her, but still refuses to tell Meguru that Nui and Veil are their enemies. Meguru goes on ahead anyway.

Yuito and Mary.jpg

Apparently Mary was aware that Yuito was faking the whole brainwashing thing

Yuito returns from Chiichi Island, but Mary intercepts him. She manages to acquire the information he gathered, and then we hear lots of gunshots and a splash. That would make the second time that Yuito has ‘died’ in this series – I suspect he’ll be back again.

That’s it for episode 8. It was pretty good, much like the others before it. I still think that Veil may end up switching sides once she discovers Angel Rose’s true identity – though whether Nui will follow suit or not, I don’t know.
I really wish Sumire and Nui would tell their allies what they’ve learned about their respective foes. I think I’d be more willing to accept things if Sumire did tell Meguru about Veil, and Meguru doesn’t believe her. Instead, Sumire frustrates by telling Meguru not to get involved with Veil without any reason whatsoever.
It could come off as Sumire being jealous of Meguru spending so much time with Veil, but after their skirmish in this episode there’s a good reason she should tell Meguru to at least be wary around Veil.
Still, I did enjoy the episode and I’m looking forward to seeing what the information that Yuito unearthed about Meguru was.

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1 Response to Twin Angels BREAK Episode 8: I Just Want to Get Along with Everyone

  1. cirno9fan says:

    High chances it’s a picture that shows that she’s a twin.

    Personally, I’m getting rather annoyed with the NTR going on. this feels a lot like a harem anime. Gave us 4ish eps of Meguru and Sumire getting closer, and then they just switched over to meguru and veil while leaving Sumire in the dust >_<

    I hate hate NTR. And I really can't stand it when things use it.

    Moving on, them being twins would explain the "nostalgic" whatever that was going on before. Also, obviously misty knight is fine. He survived being literally blown up, I'm sure he can survive a hail of gunfire. Dunno who they're trying to trick but people who didn't watch the original -_-

    Also, Kurumi is getting shafted so hard lately. Plus, where are the twins? This is a kind of frustrating sequel. I admit though, if the NTR weren't going on, I'd like it more, and would complain less about these things

    I was liking the show pretty fine until that started. Ah well….

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