Seven Mortal Sins Episode 6: Hero Maririn

For the sixth episode of Seven Mortal Sins, Lucifer will be going up against Belphegor. Turns out that Belphegor can offer quite the immersive gaming experience.

NSFW Warning


Leviathan and Lucifer share a bath

Whilst bathing together, Lucifer asks Leviathan what Belphegor is like. Apparently she’s strong if she tries and scary if you make her mad. She also brought the internet into Pandemonium, and uses an online she runs with Mammon to gather followers.

Belphegor and Lucifer.jpg

Our sin for this week is Belphegor, the Demon Lord of Sin

After her bath, Lucifer picks up a phone from her table, and ends up pulled into a digital world – in fact, the world of Belphegor’s online game. Belphegor asks Lucifer to become the Demon Lord for the next event in her game.

Demon Lord Lucifer.jpg

Lucifer accepts the role as Demon Lord

Turns out that Lucifer makes for an incredibly effective Demon Lord – so much so that nobody is able to defeat her. Belphegor decides to bring someone else into the game.

Hero Maririn.jpg

Maria becomes the Hero Maririn

Belphegor is kind enough to provide a sword and some armour for Maririn – except the armour is too heavy for Maririn to move in. As such, Belphegor decides give her a new set of armour with improved defence.

Lingerie Armour.jpg

Of course lingerie provides higher defence than plate armour

Turns out Maririn is pretty adept at fighting monsters, and soon the time comes for her to confront the Demon Lord.

Maririn vs Demon Lord.jpg

Maririn prepares to take on Lucifer


Things don’t go well for Maririn

After being defeated by Lucifer, Belphegor takes Maririn and retreats. She provides an itchy new outfit for the hero, and trains her when asked to.


Maririn undergoes Belphegor’s training

After completing her training, the last step is to visit an angel to pick up some new legendary equipment. Turns out the angel is a familiar face.


Leviathan gives up the legendary equipment – she doesn’t want Lucifer to find out she’s playing the role of angel

Maririn & Belphegor.jpg

Belphegor is confident that Maririn can defeat the Demon Lord

Belphegor’s followers have real-life commitments, but she stops them from logging out by luring them in with free items. Those items turn out to be pretty useless though, they her followers stick around long enough to see Maririn try to fight the Demon Lord again.

Maririn Attacks

Maririn attacks

It appears that Maririn’s new ‘armour’ suffered the same fate as the first set, but it turns out the legendary equipment is able to reform itself. Maririn defeats Lucifer.
When Maririn refuses to finish Lucifer off, she tries to do it herself. However, Maririn blocks the attack, allowing Lucifer to make Belphegor admit defeat.

This has easily been my favourite episode of Seven Mortal Sins so far. Seeing Maria willingly take on the role of Hero Maririn was a lot of fun, as well as seeing Lucifer own her role as Demon Lord.
When she appeared in the previous episode, I knew I’d like Belphegor. She’s proven to be a great character in her episode – definitely up there alongside Astaroth as one of my favourite Demon Lords – well, the ones that aren’t Lucifer and Leviathan.

Next time is the turn of the Demon Lord of Gluttony.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 6: Hero Maririn

  1. OG-Man says:

    Maria was already the hottest girl on the show but if she keeps this up she may steal the title of best girl from Levi.

    I was disappointed that we were robbed of seeing Belphegor’s luscious chocolatey assets, even though we can see them during the ED but that doesn’t count.

    I’m very curious to see what challenge Gluttony will have in store for our “heroines”. Maybe an eating competition.

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