Thoughts on Bleach Volume 42: Shock of the Queen

The battle between the Soul Reaper captains and the Espadas continues in volume forty-two of Bleach. Two Espadas have released their Resurreción, and we’ve seen that they possess some formidable abilities.
There are a total of nine chapters in this volume of Bleach, from three hundred and fifty-nine up to and including three hundred sixty-seven.

Bleach Volume 42 Shock of the Queen

No world exists without sacrifice.
Do we not realise that we call
this hell where ash floats
upon a sea of blood, the world

The battle between the Soul Reaper captains and Aizen’s Espadas continues with the fate of Karakura Town hanging in the balance. And just as things take a turn for the worse, some surprising allies make their grand entrance!

Shunsui and Stark are distracted from their fight by the sky changing in chapter 359, ‘The Frozen Obelisk’. It is caused by Tôshirô’s Tensô Jûrin ability which allows him to control the weather. He and Tier Halibel formally introduce themselves, before Tôshirô unleashes his Hyôten Hakkasô attack.
Meanwhile, Marechiyo is pursued by Barragan whilst Soi Fon sets something up.

Jûshirô pretty much just teases Lilynette in chapter 360, ‘Shock of the Queen’. Marechiyo continues to flee from Barragan, unable to do anything to harm him. When Barragan decides to finish him, Soi Fon unveils her bankai: Jakuhô Raikôben. Soi Fon’s bankai is a big, heavy and flashy thing that goes against her secret police standards.

Soi Fon blasts Barragan with her bankai in chapter 361, ‘I Hate Loneliness, But It Loves Me’. Despite her precautions, the sheer power of her bankai sends Soi Fon flying – Marechiyo manages to catch her.
After seeing the power of bankai, Stark decides to get serious against Shunsui – his power is actually split between him and Lilynette. Their power is released when they become one, which is done through Stark’s Resurreción: Los Lobos.
Shunsui brings out his shikai, Katen Kyôkotsu in response.

Stark effectively becomes a gunslinger upon using his Resurreción in chapter 362, ‘Howling Wolves’. Shunsui wastes no time in attacking, but Stark is able to dodge. Stark uses cero metralleta to try and force Shunsui to use his bankai, but Jûshirô intercepts the attack and sends it back with Sogyô no Kotowari.

Jûshirô tells Shunsui that he should refrain from using his bankai where everyone can see it in chapter 363, ‘Superchunky from Hell’. Stark then fights Jûshirô, which allows him to grasp how the captain was able to fire ceros. Shunsui tries to strike down Stark whilst he’s distract, but the opening of a new garganta distracts them.
Wonderweiss steps through, and he has company.

Wonderweiss wounds Jûshirô in chapter 364, ‘Grinning Revengers’, and Stark shoots Shunsui down. Wonderweiss yells, which completely nullifies the attacks that Tôshirô and Soi Fon used against Halibel and Barragan respectively. The huge creature accompanying Wonderweiss extinguishes the inferno keeping Aizen, Gin and Kaname isolated. As things look bleak, the Visored join the battlefield.

Some of the Visoreds aren’t particularly happy to see the Soul Reapers again after so long in chapter 365, ‘Whose Side Are We On’. Lisa checks up on Shunsui, who is fine. Shinji speaks with the captain general and tells him that they are not allies – they are simply Aizen’s enemies and Ichigo’s allies.
The giant monster from earlier spews up huge numbers of gillian-class Hollows. The Visoreds put on their masks.

The Visoreds demonstrate just how capable they are in chapter 366, ‘The Revenger’s High’. The Soul Reapers from the Soul Society watch on in awe as the Visoreds easily tear through the army of Hollows. Shinji turns his attention to Aizen and tries to attack him.

Tôsen protects Aizen in chapter 367, ‘YOUR ENEMY IS MY ENEMY’. Komamura intercepts Tôsen’s attack and says that he’s decided to fight alongside the masked visitors.
Halibel tries to attack Tôshirô, but Lisa and Hiyori intervene. Meanwhile, Hachi joins Soi Fon and Marechiyo to confront Barragan.
Kensei and Mashiro mop up the last of the Menos Grandes, and then Mashiro attacks the huge monster.
Meanwhile, Love and Rôjûro confront Stark.
Shuhei insists on joining Komamura to fight against Tôsen.

Volume 42 ends there. The fight in the fake Karakura Town continues to be action-packed, and we got to see both Tôshirô and Soi Fon show off some of their most powerful techniques. Shame they were ultimately rendered useless, but they certainly looked impressive if nothing else.
Seeing the Visored return to the battlefield is a treat as well, complete with a moment where they get to go all out and show off against an army of Menos Grandes. After the Turn Back the Pendulum arc, we know that they have quite the grudge against Aizen – though whether they’ll be able to overcome perfect hypnosis to take out their enemy remains to be seen.

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