Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Premiere Date & PV Revealed

Action Heroine Cheer FruitsSummer is shaping up to be quite the season in my opinion, and here’s some news on another show that I am fairly interested in. It is Action Heroine Cheer Fruits, which is the story of school girls becoming local heroines and producing live action events to revitalise their home town.

The official website for the upcoming original television anime has put the first promotional video for the show, which can be seen above. The characters are introduced in the video, and gives us a July 6th premiere date.
The opening and ending themes will be performed by the main cast members under the unit name Tokimeki Kanshasai. The opening theme is called “Jōnetsu☆Fruits” (Passionate Fruits), whilst the ending theme is “Hi no Ataru Basho” (The Place the Sunlight Hits).

Before the start of the story, the local heroine fighter of a certain city became popular and a national star. This led to local heroines debuting in other places with their live action events becoming national hits.
Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is set in Hinano City; a tranquil area that cultivates fruits but has lost its vitality. At the urging of Misaki’s aunt (the prefectural governor), Misaki Shirogane and a few other girls become local heroines. They vow to produce live action events, and the anime shows the story of their efforts to revitalise their town.

The cast:

Misaki Shirogane

Misaki Shirogane, voiced by M.A.O.

Misaki is a third-year high school student, born on August 9th. She enjoys travelling to “power spots” that supposedly invigorate those who visit them. She is a daughter of a prominent family in Hinano, an honours student, star athlete and student council president. Though she is a hard worker, she suffers from chronic bad luck which means she tends not to get the best from her efforts. She is teased for being unpopular, but her optimistic and sincere personality earns her everyone’s trust.

An Akagi

An Akagi, voiced by Miku Itō

A second-year student, born on March 5th. An like tokusatsu works. Being the daughter of a doctor and nurse, she inherited a strong desire to help others as hero from her parents. She is extremely athletic and able to concentrate well. As such, she has a degree of fame in gymnastics, though she is constantly absent from the gymnastics club and practice.

Roko Kuroki

Roko Kuroki, voiced by Rie Murakawa

Roko is a third-year student, who was born on October 14th. She is the daughter of the local train station master, and happens to be pretty fond of trains. She is a close friend of Misaki, and works with her as the student council’s vice president. Roko is considered very reliable. She wants to help Misaki more, but has trouble expressing herself.

Mikan Kise

Mikan Kise, voiced by Erii Yamazaki

A second-year student, born on December 3rd. She is the daughter of a lemon-growing family. Mikan enjoys reading, and was part of the cheerleading club. She has a younger sister, and she promised to show her one of her action stage events one day. Being a considerate girl, she works well with children. She tends to take responsibility or volunteer for things inadvertently. In her head, she would regret her choices.

Mana Midorikawa

Mana Midorikawa, voiced by Yūki Hirose

A second-year student born on April 8th. Mana enjoys cosplaying. She is the only child of a family that maintains a famous shrine in Hinano. She is a schemer, and has even considered letting people use the shrine as a training room and pocketing the money. Her cosplay hobby also means that she can design outfits for hero shows.

Genki Aoyama

Genki Aoyama, voiced by Haruka Ishida

A second-year student born on November 1st. Genki is a beautician’s daughter who enjoys editing videos. She is a member of the computer club. Genki did once dream of being an idol together with her sister Yūki, but she had to abandon that when she injured her leg in an accident. After the accident, she turned her efforts towards I.T. She and Yūki are twin sisters, and Genki can sometimes find her sibling annoying.

Yuki Aoyama

Yūki Aoyama, voiced by Haruka Ishida

A second year student, and of course she shares the same birthday as her twin sister: November 1st. Yūki enjoys going to karaoke by herself. She is a member of a famous idol group, though she has returned to Hinano for a certain reason. She excels at singing and dancing, but her silent personality means that people often worry about her.

Hatsuri Momoi

Hatsuri Momoi, voiced by Moe Toyota

A first-year student, born on September 20th. Hatsuri is the daughter of an owner of a construction company with deep ties to the Shirogane family. She is a member of the theatre club. Having been around construction sites since she was little, her delicate and cute appearance belies her headstrong personality. She tends not to look before she leaps, though she doesn’t stop once she starts something either.

Kanon Shimura

Kanon Shimura, voiced by Haruka Shiraishi

A second-year student born on June 6th. Kanon has fiercely competed with An Akagi in prefectural gymnastics meets since middle school. Her goal in life is to knock An down a peg, and she is very conscious of making that evident.

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits is being directed by Keizou Kusakawa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st, Kan Colle) at the studio diomedea. Naruhisa Arakawa (Kingdom, Twin Star Exorcists) is in charge of the series scripts, and the character designer is Naomi Ide (Kan Colle, The Lost Village). The music is being produced by Nippon Columbia.

Having to revitalise a town immediately makes me think of the current season’s Sakura Quest, with the ‘local heroine’ thing being more than a bit reminiscent of Locodol‘s local idols.
Seems quite interesting, and it’s another show for me to check out during the summer season.

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  1. OG-Man says:

    Definitely a show to keep an eye on this Summer.

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