Twin Angels BREAK Episode 7: Our Hearts Are Always In Tune

In Twin Angels BREAK‘s seventh episode, the Twenty-Eights scope out some of the after school clubs. Well, Meguru and Veil visit a few different ones; Nui has his eye on a specific club in particular.The episode begins with Mary, and it seems that Meguru will be key in the revival of Zelucifer. She sends Nasty Knight off on an important mission.

Yuito appears

Yuito just appears from out of nowhere

Naturally, Sumire is happy to see her brother again, but he’s different from when she last saw him. After an awkward conversation, he just continues on his way.
At school, the Twenty-Eights are proving to be very popular. They get swarmed by their fans, but they seem to take it in their stride.

Veil & Meguru.jpg

Veil helping Meguru to stretch before swimming

Meguru asks Veil if she’s picked a club to join – she hasn’t, so Meguru volunteers to go take a look at them with her.
Since Sumire isn’t swimming, she is asked to fetch a stopwatch. She acquires one, and then happens upon Nui and Mary (or rather, Oginome-sensei) having a conversation.

Overhearing a Conversation.jpg

Nui says that he doesn’t need any friends

Nui sees that Sumire overheard his conversation with Oginome-sensei, but Sumire promises to keep quiet about it.


Meguru and Sumire eating lunch together

Meguru invites Sumire to go and look at the clubs together with Veil, but Sumire refuses as she has her own club to worry about. Sumire then wonders what the Twenty-Eights are really like. Meguru gets jealous because Sumire isn’t thinking about her, but Sumire mutters under her breath that she does think about Meguru.

Visiting clubs.jpg

Meguru takes Veil on a tour of the clubs

Veil did invite Nui along as well, but he is only interesting in one specific club. Anyways, it turns out that Veil is fairly talented, in some rather… unique ways. One of the clubs that Veil is eager to try out is the home ec club – the one that Meguru is in.

A Challenge.jpg

Nui challenges Sumire

Sumire accepts Nui’s challenge, and she is able to claim victory.
In the home ec club, Meguru has Veil try on a few different outfits that she has made.


Of course, my favourite is the magical girl outfit

Meguru says that seeing other people wear the clothes she made makes her happy, though she can’t really explain why that it is.
Going back to Sumire and Nui, the latter is relieved that the former was not disillusioned upon hearing his conversation with Oginome-sensei. Nui also says that it has been educational to learn of people like Sumire.


Sumire waits for Meguru at the end of the day

When Meguru emerges from the school together with Veil, Sumire can’t bring herself to admit that she was waiting for her. Sumire lets on she forgot something, whilst Meguru and Veil continue on their merry way.


Meguru and Veil treat themselves to crepes

Veil tells Meguru that she is a bit like her grandmother. Their conversation then turns to friendship, and Veil is happy that Meguru considers her a friend. The day comes to an end, and everyone returns home.


Guess we’re getting a shower scene instead of a bath scene this time around

Meguru tells Miruku that they bumped into Yuito, and we find out that Nagatsuki has already informed Miruku just who Nasty Knight may be. She keeps it to herself, though.
At the Twenty-Eights’ place, Nui is able to determine the identity of Angel Sapphire thanks to his spar against Sumire earlier.


Nui tells Veil not to get close to Meguru as she is an android

The Twenty-Eights are both androids, and thus Nui believes that getting close to anyone is a bad idea. Ultimately, their goal is to become human, and it seems that may be possible by collecting medals.

That’s it for this episode, and I feel it was another decent one. The encounter with Yuito at the beginning could’ve potentially led to Sumire being angsty or something, but it didn’t. I’m glad – in fact, it seems that Meguru is the one mostly occupying Sumire’s thoughts.
I’m enjoying the friendship that’s blooming between Meguru and Veil, though Sumire isn’t exactly benefiting from it. I feel that we could potentially see Veil switch sides in the not too distant future, particular if she discovers just who Angel Rose is.
I’m glad that Nui and Veil are getting more screentime than any of the other antagonists who appeared before them – Mary and Nasty Knight possibly counting as exceptions – because they’re actually half-decent characters.
Hopefully Sumire will make good on her promise to be more honest with Meguru, and hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.
Mary and Nasty Knight have something going on behind the scenes, and I imagine that will ultimately lead up to the finale. We may not know exactly what it is, but Mary clearly has something planned for Meguru.

Next time, a secret is revealed – or that’s what the episode title would have us believe, anyway.

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