Seven Mortal Sins Episode 5: Rock U

After a recap episode last week, Seven Mortal Sins returns to the plot with a musical episode in which Lucifer has to overcome melancholy.

NSFW warning

Let’s start with an introduction of the demon lord of melancholy, Astaroth.



Astaroth sings songs and uploads them to the internet, and it seems she has quite a following. Of course, as Lucifer intends to overthrow all of the Mortal Sins, she tracks her down and challenges her.


Lucifer records a cover of Astaroth’s song

Rather than a fight, Lucifer and Astaroth pretty much have a popularity contest. Lucifer records a song, then Maria uploads it to the internet. It doesn’t take long for Lucifer’s song to break 20,000 views.


Belial drops in on Astaroth unexpectedly

As Astaroth becomes concerned about Lucifer’s popularity, an unexpected guest shows up. Since Belial wants to see Lucifer lose, she decides to help Astaroth become more popular than the fallen angel.

Idol Lucifer.jpg

A fallen angel idol? Where have I heard that one before…?

Maria suggests that Lucifer should try her hand at being an idol to compete with Astaroth. Lucifer is against the idea at first, but when Maria suggests that she can’t do it, Lucifer’s pride gets the better of her.
However, despite Lucifer’s efforts, Astaroth is able to come up with a video that gets more views than hers. This doesn’t sit well with Lucifer.


Lucifer is overcome by melancholy

Belial pays Lucifer a visit to ask what Lucifer’s goal was when she fell from Heaven. Lucifer keeps quiet on that subject, so Belial sort of just leaves.
After that, Lucifer asks Maria for another idea to help her compete against Astaroth.

Lucifer's song.jpg

Lucifer releases another song after taking Maria’s advice

With the help of Belial and the Demon Lord of Sloth, Astaroth releases a new song complete with music video. Those who saw the recap last week will recognise it as the animation we saw for the ending theme back then.

Astaroth rocking out.jpg

A pretty great video – except for the grabby hands…

On top of that, Belial manages to arrange a live concert for Astaroth to perform at. However, Astaroth is unable to bring herself to perform in front of people.

Anxious Astaroth.jpg

Astaroth locks herself in the toilet

When Astaroth doesn’t step out onto the stage, Lucifer seizes the opportunity for herself. Astaroth manages to overcome her anxiety, and she goes out on stage to perform alongside Lucifer.

Astaroth & Lucifer.jpg

Astaroth and Lucifer performing together

After the performance, Astaroth feels she lost to Lucifer in the end – though Lucifer didn’t exactly ‘take over’ the stage, but shared it. Regardless, Astaroth intends to continue being an idol, whilst Lucifer pretty much gives it up then and there. Astaroth is also still on Belial’s side, so she’ll be an enemy the next time she meets Lucifer.
The episode ends with Lucifer telling Maria that she can drop the honorific she uses when she refers to her.

I really liked this episode of Seven Mortal Sins. The battle of the bands idols thing going on was an interesting way to show the conflict between Lucifer and Astaroth, and I do like when things get musical. I also liked Astaroth as well – she’s much better than Asmodeus and Mammon were.
That moment where Maria was able to convince Lucifer to become an idol was one that I found rather amusing. I wonder if we’ll see more of Maria abusing Lucifer’s pride to get her way…
The friendship between Astaroth and Belphegor was rather nice, too. I don’t really know if there was really any reason for Belial to turn up – and the fact she didn’t even bother to challenge Lucifer seems a little off to me.
Aside from that, this episode was pretty great. The fanservice felt toned down a bit compared to previous episodes as well – it was still present, just not as much as in previous episodes.

After Belphegor’s appearance in this episode, I’m looking forward to what kind of challenge she’ll present for Lucifer to overcome in the next one.

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1 Response to Seven Mortal Sins Episode 5: Rock U

  1. OG-Man says:

    This show was missed after a week’s absense and Astaroth made sure her challenge was an interesting one for Lucifer to overcome. Plus Astaroth AND Belphegor were cool. Really looking forward to Belphegor’s challenge.

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