Spring 2017 Anime: Thoughts So Far

Well, it’s about that time of the season again: we have more or less hit the halfway point. As such, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on each of the shows I’ve chosen to watch so far – as is usually the case.
With nothing more to add to the opening statement, I’ll just get on with it.Alice & ZorokuA&ZSometimes it’s a slice of life show, and others it’s giving some superpowered action scenes. I’ve found both sides of Alice & Zoroku to be enjoyable. The second ‘part’ has started with the sixth episode, and I’d be fine with it continuing to be about the everyday lives of Zoroku, Sanae and Sana. However, things are probably going to veer into more serious territory sooner or later, and there’s potential for some more interesting powers. I’ve had fun watching this one.

Attack on Titan Season 2AoT2Huge bombshells have been dropped in Attack on Titan‘s second season, and in the most casual of manners. Before that, we’ve had the focus on characters besides Eren, Armin and Mikasa – with some particularly great stuff between Krista and Ymir. Sasha got a moment to shine as well, which I enjoyed. This season has been a particularly strong follow-up to the first one, at least in my opinion.

BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONSBNNGBORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS has been pretty serviceable thus far. Some characters do just feel like rehashes of their parents – with Shikamaru’s son Shikadai probably being the biggest example. It’s mostly been character-focused stuff, with a plot concerning something possessing people that only Boruto can see courtesy of whatever eye-based power he possesses. This show is pretty reminiscent of early Naruto, though I do find Boruto to be a generally more likeable character than his father was back then.

Dragon Ball SuperDBS - Gohan vs GokuDragon Ball Super is edging ever closer towards the main event of the Universal Survival arc, and we’ve had episodes showing the recruitment of the ten fighters for universe 7. Those episodes have been all right – particularly the ones that focus on Gohan. It seems that Goku’s son has returned to the form he was last seen in during the Majin Buu arc – maybe even beyond that.
We’re going to get the return of a character who has no business in returning, but I’ll guess I’ll worry about that once we know for sure the circumstances surrounding that.
On the plus side, universe 6 has two female Saiyans who will join the fray, which potentially means female Super Saiyans. Well, we know one of them will take on a more… legendary form. I’m looking forward to seeing that happen.

Frame Arms GirlFAGI’m finding this anime to be a lot of fun. It doesn’t take itself seriously, which I think factors in to my enjoyment of the show. The various Frame Arms Girls make for an interesting cast, and I quite like Ao as well. Honestly, this show may just be one of my favourites of this spring season.

GRANBLUE FANTASY: The AnimationGFTAGran meets a girl called Lyria, and then ends up travelling from floating island to floating island, expanding his party and helping to solve various troubles. In case you haven’t realised it yet, GRANBLUE FANTASY: The Animation has the plot of a typical RPG. It’s nothing particularly spectacular, but at least it has a unique look to it. The music has been pretty great as well; it has been composed by Nobuo Uematsu, Tsutomu Narita and Yasunori Nishiki after all.
I have enjoyed this show so far; it’s a serviceable fantasy adventure romp.

Hinako NoteHNThis has been a fairly fun slice-of-life/girls’ club show so far – Hinako joins a theatre troupe in order to overcome her shyness, and the most recent episode at the time of writing shows her efforts paying off. The cast are pretty likeable all-round, though Kuina – the blue-haired lass – remains my favourite of the bunch. Also, I now want to hear a full kazoo rendition of Also sprach Zarathustra.

ID-0ID-0This has been a pretty interesting sci-fi adventure so far. The girl in the screenshot above was introduced fairly early on, but it is only with the most recent episode that we’re finally getting to see what her role is in the plot. Before that, she was just sort of there. I also like the idea of the Evertrancers: humans who have forsaken their bodies in favour of I-Machines. Probably worth looking into if you’re looking for a sci-fi series to watch.

KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la ModeAkira & YukariWe’ve been getting character-focused episodes recently, and I feel that’s what KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode does best. At the moment, I feel that the lead Cure, Ichika, is the least interesting of the cast. Fortunately, the others more than make up for her, with Yukari and Aoi being my particular favourites. The most recent episode that focused on Akira was pretty great, too.

Little Witch AcademiaLWA - Constanze & Akko
When this series began, it was pretty much just slice-of-life stuff set in a magical school. That was all right, but I feel I’ve been enjoying Little Witch Academia more now that the plot has picked up with Akko’s search for the seven Words. The last two episodes at the time of writing have focused on Amanda and Constanze respectively, and they’ve been particularly good. With magic vs. machines sort of going on, you’d think that Constanze would have a bigger role…

My Hero Academia Season 2MHA2The second season of My Hero Academia focuses on the UA’s sports festival, and as such other characters beside Deku get to show off their Quirks. This has led to some pretty great moments, and also the introduction of a few new characters. As of the most recent episode, the one vs. one battles of the festival have started, and certain people are holding nothing back. As of this halfway point, I find myself enjoying this second season more than the first.

One PieceOP - Big MomThe Straw Hats – well, a handful of them – are drawing ever closer to Whole Cake Island, where they’ll be crashing a wedding. That does mean confronting one of the Four Emperors; in this case, Big Mom. She gets really quite violent when she’s hungry, with an entire city suffering her wrath whilst she craves some croquembouche. I just hope that this arc has a better pace than Dressrosa did, though considering how close the anime is to the manga I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up too much. The aforementioned wedding will be quite an event, though.

Sakura QuestSQWatching Yoshino and her friends work hard to try and boost the tourism in the sleepy village of Manoyama has been entertaining. Yoshino was reluctant to be the ‘queen’ at first, but now she is currently working hard – as well as having to contend with the personal problems of her chosen ministers. There’s also some really fun silly moments thrown in as well, which tend to get a laugh out of me.

Seven Mortal SinsMaria, Lucifer and LeviathanIt seems that Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria will be travelling all over the world in order to confront the various demon lords, with Miami and London being places that they’ve been to so far. This show is heavy on the fanservice, with it being only a fine line away from being hentai. Whilst I find the three main characters – Lucifer, Leviathan and Maria – to be fairly likeable, the other Demon Lords haven’t really made such an impression me yet. It’s a (fan)serviceable show, though not for those who detest gratuitous nudity and the like.

Twin Angels BREAKMeguru and Veil
The first episode of Twin Angels BREAK was fairly decent, but it went downhill after that with the reveal of Sumire’s brother complex and the introduction of Billy – I could not stand him. However, more recent episodes have redeemed the show, with Veil and Nui proving to be actually interesting antagonists. I’ve also enjoyed seeing Sumire warm up to Meguru.

That covers the shows I’ve chosen to watch this season. If I was asked to pick out favourites, I’d feel the silliness of Frame Arms Girl would probably be on that list. Alice & Zoroku has proven to be quite enjoyable too, and Attack on Titan Season 2 and My Hero Academia Season 2 have both brought the hype. Despite having Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia, this season is just a breather for me before we get into the summer which is full of a whole host of shows I want to watch.

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