KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode Episode 15: The Akira Smile

Episode 15 of KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode puts the focus on Akira and her younger sister Miku.The episode begins with Akira making some chocolates for her younger sister, when KiraPati gets a surprise visitor.

Miku Kenjou

Introducing Akira’s younger sister, Miku Kenjou

Turns out she’s been allowed out of the hospital for the day, so naturally she decided to visit her big sister. She’s also excited to meet Akira’s friends, though she does have a favour to ask of them.

KiraPati Miku.jpg

Miku wants to help out at KiraPati

Turns out that helping out at KiraPati is pretty tough, and things don’t quite go as well as Miku would like. She gives it her best, though.


Miku tells Ichika about the chocolates Akira gives her

Ichika takes Miku to a park for a break, and she tells Ichika that Akira gives her chocolatest o see her smile. In order to return the favour, Miku suggests that they make a chocolate cake for Akira. Oh, and Rio turns up to say that they should definitely go ahead with that plan.

Akira & Yukari.jpg

Ichika sends Akira and Yukari out for a walk

After Akira is out of the way, Miku, Ichika and the others work on making the chocolate cake.
Whilst out with Yukari, Akira wonders why Miku wanted to help at KiraPati. Yukari can’t help but notice that Miku is just like Akira. They return to KiraPati shortly afterwards, where Miku eagerly greets her sister.

Akira & Miku.jpg

Miku ends up tripping, but Akira saves her

Chocolate Cake.jpg

The chocolate cake made especially for Akira

Akira sits down and takes a bite of the cake. She realises why Miku wanted to help at KiraPati, and tells her that the cake is the most delicious she has ever had.

The Akira Smile.jpg

The Akira Smile

Akira shares the cake with Miku, but then of course Julio has to show up to ruin the moment. He makes the mistake of targeting Miku.

Akira angry.jpg

Akira leaps to her sister’s defence without transforming

Julio is able to get Miku’s kira-kiraru despite Akira’s efforts, and thus it’s time to see what weapon he will be wielding this week.

Weapon of the Week.jpg

Julio’s weapon powered by Miku’s kira-kiraru

An angry Akira leads the transformation sequence this time around. Cure Chocolat has no hesitation in attacking Julio, but he is able to counter her attack.

Captured Cures

Julio captures the Cures

However, thanks to the power of Miku’s kira-kiraru, Chocolat is able to break free. An insert song starts playing and she uses a new attack:

Chocolat Aromase

The Chocolat Aromase

Chocolat’s attack overcomes Julio’s power, and all of the Cures bring the battle to an end with their usual finishing move.

Akira, Miku, Yukari, Ichika, Himari and Aoi.jpg

After the battle, it’s time for Miku to return – the girls go to see her off

At the bus stop, Yukari reiterates that Miku is just like Akira, and suggests that Miku protects Akira. As the bus drives off, Akira asks Miku to make sweets for her again some time. Of course, Miku agrees.

That’s it for episode 15, and it was another good one. I’m glad that we finally got to meet Miku properly, and I hope we get to see more from her in future episodes. The bond we saw between Akira and Miku was pretty great as well; I like the way in which they protect each other, as Yukari suggests.
I’ve already stated how I feel about these character-focused episodes, and this one just further reinforces that they are what KiraKira ☆ PreCure a la Mode does best.

Next episode is one that focuses on Yukari, so naturally I’m looking forward to that. Rio has a secret, and it seems that Yukari will be the one to reveal what it is.

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