Thoughts on Bleach Volume 39: El Verdugo

The battle for Karakura Town continues in volume thirty-nine of Bleach, with some powerful combatants having to enter into battle. There are a total of nine chapters in this volume, which goes from chapter three hundred and thirty-two through to chapter three hundred and forty.

Bleach Volume 39 El Verdugo

To err is human.
To kill is evil.

The battle between the Soul Reapers and Aizen over the fate of Karakura Town continues with more warriors joining the fight. But when Captain General Yamamoto enters the battlefield, can he put a quick end to Aizen’s minions?

The volume starts with chapter 332, ‘Stingy Stinger’, with Marechiyo just managing to claim victory over Nirgge. Soi Fon’s fight against Ggio doesn’t go as well, leading to Marechiyo stepping in when it looks like she’s in trouble.

Soi Fon is less than pleased with Marechiyo’s interference in chapter 333, ‘Ash & Salamander’. She then takes the opportunity to deliver the mortal blow to Ggio.
As Rangiku continues to struggle against Halibel’s Fracciónes, an unexpected person arrives on the battlefield.

Momo Hinamori fights alongside Rangiku in chapter 334, ‘Dregs of Hypnosis’. Her arrival on the battlefield doesn’t go unnoticed by Tôshirô and Aizen, though they have bigger concerns. Momo is able to lure Apache, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun into a trap.

Shunsui toys with his opponent in chapter 335, ‘chimaera cord’, though the Espada is ultimately able to see through that. Whilst those two fight, Ukitake is left to deal with a child Arrancar.
Apache, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun use their Resurrecións – Cierva, Leona and Anaconda respetively – and then tear of their arms to summon forth a monster.

Apache introduces Ayon in chapter 336, ‘El Verdugo’. It wastes no time in tearing a chunk of flesh out of Rangiku.
The child Arrancar has a hard time fighting Ukitake.
Back to Ayon, Rangiku is seriously wounded and Momo suffers a major hit as well. Shuhei and Izuru arrive to confront Ayon.

Izuru tends to Rangiku and Momo in chapter 337, ‘Hall In Your Inferno’, whilst Shuhei fights Ayon. However, not even Shuhei or Tetsuzaemon can do anything to harm the monster. It starts moving towards Izuru, but then a hole is blown through its chest. Captain General Yamamoto joins the fight.

Despite its injury, Ayon remains alive and kicking in chapter 338, ‘Fall Into My Inferno’. Yamamoto’s solution is to punish it further, and he puts on a display of power fitting for his rank of captain general.

Apache, Mila Rose and Sun-Sun try to attack Yamamoto in chapter 339, ‘The Deathbringer Numbers’. The captain general responds by singing them ‘a little’.
Halibel reveals her rank as the number 3 Espada to Tôshirô, who responds by using his bankai.
Shunsui’s opponent reveals that he is the Primera Espada – or rank number 1.
The scene changes to Hueco Mundo, where Ichigo prepares to fight Ulquiorra.

Rukia, Chad and Renji fight Rudobon and a horde of Hollows in Hueco Mundo in chapter 340, ‘The Antagonizer’.
Meanwhile, Ichigo clashes with Ulquiorra – the Espada notes that Ichigo has grown stronger, though he wonders where they strength sprang from. He also tries to tell Ichigo that rescuing Orihime is pointless.

That marks the end of volume 39. The action continues, and seeing Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto join the fray when Ayon proved to be a formidable opponent was great. The captain general’s power is certainly nothing to sniff at, and he proves that by taking down a foe that defeated multiple assistant captains. We’ll get to see even more from Yamamoto later on, but there’s the small matter of the remaining Espadas before we get to that point.
It seems like we’re done with the Fracciónes now, meaning that full focus can got to the Espadas. First up will be Espada number four, but that’s something for the next volume.
Soi Fon and Marechiyo’s fights at the beginning of the volume feel like they are just there to pad it out a bit; they could be skipped over and almost nothing would be lost. Ayon’s showing is more impressive, especially as it pretty much deals the most damage to the Soul Society’s forces so far.
Whilst the start of this volume isn’t amazing, things certainly pick up afterwards.

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