Twin Angels BREAK Episode 6: The First Step to a Peaceful World

Two new students transfer into St. Cherrine Academy, whilst news of incidents involving a ‘black rose man’ attacking fortune-tellers and mediums spread throughout the town.

Black Rose Man

The black rose man

Turns out the black rose man – or Nasty Knight, as Mary dubs him – has been targeting fortune-tellers and mediums in order to collect medals. After Okinawa, Mary decided to focus on quality rather than quantity when it came to collecting medals.


Meguru and Sumire go on patrol

After hearing about the incidents involving the black rose man, Meguru decides that they should try to catch him. She and Sumire take Run-Run and Rin-Rin out for a walk whilst going on patrol, and Sumire prepares a map that pinpoints the locations of the black rose man’s appearances.
Their patrol ultimately turns up nothing, but Meguru doesn’t want to give up. Miruku allows her thirty extra minutes to keep searching.

Meguru and Veil.jpg

Meguru spends some time with Veil

Meguru bumps into Veil from the Twenty-Eights, and they end up hanging out together. Veil seems completely oblivious of basic things such as waiting at traffic lights and not littering, but Meguru is there to help her out. Meguru’s thirty extra minutes soon runs out, and she goes back to the dorm after saying bye to Veil.
After that, Veil and Nui discuss Mary’s research, and the best way to stop Twin Angel from interfering with their collection of medals. They take a leaf from Billy’s book and decide to try and find out the identities of Twin Angel.

The Twenty-Eights.jpg

The Twenty-Eights transfer into Meguru and Sumire’s class

Veil says the reason she transferred to the school was because Meguru was there – this is met with jealousy from Meguru’s friends, particularly Yuki.


Ah, a typical bath scene

After a day of school, Meguru and Sumire discuss the Twenty-Eights’ transferral with Miruku. The conversation then moves towards the black rose man, with Miruku sending Meguru out on patrol again whilst Sumire remains behind to help the hedgehog. Miruku even arranges for someone to accompany Meguru on patrol.


Miruku’s friend, Nagatsuki

As they patrol, Meguru ends up doing a bunch of good deeds for people in need that they happen to pass by. They don’t turn up anything, but then Miruku gets in contact to let them know that the black rose man appeared again.
Meguru and Nagatsuki rush to the scene, but only catch a glimpse of Mary and the black rose man before they retreat. Nagatsuki recognises the black rose man, though he keeps that to himself.
At the school during the next day, Sumire tries to ask Meguru to go and eat lunch with her. However, Meguru’s attention is monopolised by Veil, who is still adjusting to society’s norms.


This is ‘research’

Mary, in her guise as Oginome-sensei, calls for Meguru and asks her for some help with some research. The medal that Mary wears as a necklace reacts to Meguru when it makes contact with her, which forces Mary to call an end to their session. Meguru leaves and continues on with her day as if nothing happened, whilst Mary is pleased to have discovered the ‘mother lode’.

The episode ends with that, and I feel it was another quite enjoyable one. That’s two in a row that haven’t had anything I’ve particularly disliked – hopefully this will keep up. I feel like the friendship that’s developing between Meguru and Veil is leading towards the latter switching sides, and I’d perfectly OK with that. Sumire might not, though, as she seems to be showing some jealousy when Meguru is focusing on Veil.
It seems like there’s potential for Twin Angel to go through some strife with Veil’s arrival – if they do, I’d imagine Meguru and Sumire’s relationship will only grow stronger after they overcome it.
As far as antagonists go, the Twenty-Eights might just be the ones I find most interesting. As such, I’m glad to see that Veil is getting more screentime – and we even have a small flashback of her grandmother as well.
The black rose man being called ‘Nasty Knight’ amuses me, particularly because there was a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers monster called ‘Knasty Knight’.
So yeah, another decent episode from Twin Angels BREAK. It tested my patience early on, but these last two episodes have proven that it’s been worth sticking with.

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